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"Dumbo II back on slate?" 08/17/2005
A recent DVD Exclusive article hints that the direct to video sequel to the 1941 classic Dumbo may be back in production. The sequel, which had a little promotional spot on the 60th Anniversary Edition DVD of Dumbo, was at one time shelved, yet the article implies that the film is back in production, stating that the production slate for Disney’s video feature division has been cranked up and listing one of the titles in production as Dumbo II.

May 22, 2003

Sequel to Dumbo and Bambi on Hold

Jim Hill reveals in his weekly "Why for" column that Dumbo 2--along with Bambi 2--is currently on hold. "Why for? Because Disney Television Animation is still trying to decide whether or not it wants to go forward with CG sequels to both of these classics. Disney was serious enough about this idea that it had Joe Grant, the 95-year-old Mouse House vet who was actually the supervisor of story of Dumbo back in 1940-1941, come in last year to view test footage of several CG versions of the flying pachyderm. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you feel about CGI squeezing out traditional animation as Hollywood's choice du jour), none of the Dumbo test footage was quite up to snuff. So Disney Television Animation opted to put Dumbo 2 and Bambi 2 on hold for a year or two. 'Til enough advances can be made in computer animation so that direct-to-home-video-and-DVD sequels could be produced to these 1940s era Disney classics that actually looked like the original animated films."

November 21, 2002

Production on Dumbo Sequel Shut Down?

The direct-to-video sequel, previously advertised on the original movie's DVD, has been cancelled. After CGI tests reportedly did not convince management, story problems and "other issues" led Disney to suspend indefinitely production on the project.

March 30, 2002

According to an anonymous post at the Feature Animation Forum, "the CG animation tests for Dumbo where a terrible failure thankfully even for executives. So, the project seems to be back to traditional animation for now. The CG tests where done by a very well known San Francisco animation house."

March 9, 2002

More on Dumbo II's Possible CG Treatment
Another post at the Animated Movies Forum explained why Disney is still pondering whether or not to animate the sequel to Dumbo via computer, when we already have seen a 2D animated teaser unveiling what sounded like a finalized plot, back in September 2001... "The sketches you've seen are conceptual art and storyboards, which are the same ones that showed up on the trailer. Disney TVA is still working on the story for this one, in fact the original director got recently fired. There is a famous computer animation related house doing top secret animation tests for this one as we speak (and not is not Pixar, PDI or BlueSky, but it's still famous). They might change their minds after the tests (hopefully)."

There was a trailer for DUMBO II on the 60th anniversery re-release of the Disney Masterpeice DUMBO to be released October 23, 2001. Not much was shown besides preliminary art.