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Fantasia 2006 Cancelled
April 9, 2004
    And -- boy -- I wish I had better news for you about "Fantasia 2006." But even before Roy officially left the Walt Disney Company back at the end of November, that project was pretty much dead in the water. The cutbacks at Walt Disney Feature Animation -- both funding and staff-wise -- over the past two years had pretty much stopped any serious development of possible new sequences for the third "Fantasia" film.

    Mind you, three short films -- which had been developed by WDFA animators and artists as pieces that could possibly be included in "Fantasia 2006" -- were completed before the project went off the rails. These films were Mike Gabriel's "Lorenzo's Tale" (The short that was supposed to have run in front of Touchstones' "The Ladykillers" when that Tom Hanks film was released to theaters last month. But -- to date -- I haven't heard of anyone who's seen "Lorenzo's Tail" outside of its presentation at various film festivals around the country), "Destino" (Roy's own pet project. Over 60 years in the making, this Salvador Dali project was finally completed by the artists at Feature Animation France before Disney shuttered that studio last year) and Lebo M's "One by One."

    Of these three short films, "One by One" is probably the one that will ultimately reach the widest audience. It's scheduled to be offered as a "Special Feature" on the special edition DVD of "The Lion King II: Simba's Pride." Which is due to be out on store shelves on August 31st of this year.

    As for "Destino," Disney once had all these plans for that film. They were first going to showcase the short of the film festival circuit. Then follow that up with a special limited edition DVD that Buena Vista Home Entertainment would put out. Which would feature the short itself, a documentary on the making of "Destino," followed by a still gallery that would be loaded with images of Salvador Dali's conceptual art for the project.

    But that was what people talked about doing when Roy still worked for the Walt Disney Company. What's going to happen now that he's (as you said, Kelly) "on the outside looking in," who can say ...

"One by One" No Longer Part of Fantasia 2006"
Februry 03, 2004

    The preview for The Lion King II: Simba's Pride DVD on the Lion King 1 DVD shows that the animated short "One by One" will be one of the DVD special features. This short was previously thought to be part of the upcoming third Fantasia movie.

New Segment for Fantasia 2006?
August 17, 2003

    Mouse Planet reports that Disney is currently working on a short film now called Lorenzo the Cat which could possibly be part of Fantasia 2006. It will be "hand-drawn and then computer rendered--even though some who have seen the work-in-progress say the rendering 'takes the life out of it.' The computerization is being done not to improve the film, but solely to give it a computer look."

June 24, 2004

    The Origins of an Upcoming Fantasia 2006 Segment

    Pixote Hunt will reportedly direct a musical segment for the third Fantasia installment based on One by One, which involves a group of children in a small township in Africa, who watch a feather float through the air and get the idea to make kites. Mark Mancina recently explained to Playbill that "One By One is a piece that [South African songwriter/arranger Lebo M] wrote before the [Lion King] musical. But Julie [Taymor] just had this wonderful idea of orchestrating that with kite birds, and having the kite birds right in the audience, making the audience a part of the performance."

August 18, 2002 from

    "Fantastia 2006 is being referred to as The Music Project. One of the segment features The Little Mermaid's Sebastian the crab which is making music with other crabs and seasnails. The style of The Little Match Girl is typical Disney... Mike Gabriel (The Rescuers Down Under, Pocahontas) will direct the segment about the U.S.A."

August 12, 2002 from

    "Randy Haycock finished work on the Little Match Girl sequence for the next Fantasia installment before he started work with John Ripa on Jim Hawkins for Treasure Planet."

July 29, 2002

    Feature Animation Forum states that the segment involving African kids playing with kites will be called One by One and is directed by Pixote Hunt, an African-American artist who already helmed the Symphony No. 5 segment in Fantasia 2000.

    One by One segment will be "the first in the next Fantasia. Most of the little kids are based on people at Disney or who worked on the segment. For example there is a character named Lebo with big round glasses this is taken from Lebo M, the man who wrote the music. Also Pixote Hunt and Bruse Smith are in there two if you can find them. If you want to know what they look like watch The Proud Family on Disney Channel, because Bruse Smith designed the characters on that show and they will give you an idea of what the style he does. And one last thing if you want to hear the song One by One it is on The Lion King on Broadway soundtack. It isn't exactly the same because they changed it a bit for Fantasia 3."

July 22, 2002

    James Levine reportedly conducted in Spring 2000 a modern piece of African music written by Youssou N'Dour for Fantasia 2006.

    The segment would involve a group of children in a small township in Africa, who watch a feather float through the air. Seeing this, the children get an idea and make kites to fly in the air.

Animeland #83 july-august 2002

    In the last issue of the french magazine "Animeland" dedicated to animation and manga, Roy Disney reveals that the next Fantasia, (referred to by the studio as Fantasia 2006...a temporary title for now.) is under developement.

    The concept is that the music is wonderful all around the world, it will regroup the musics from many countries from Africa to Argentina passing by Australia. Roy informs us that one segment inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's famous and sad tale "The Little Match Girl" is already finished. He also says that no release date is planned at this time.

The following is from Feature Animation Forum on March 22, 2001

"Fantasia 2006 it is a go. One sequence is already completed and another one in the early stages of production, directed by Glen Keane. The music will be from different parts of the world."