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Udder Madness at the Mouse House
Source: Source: Jim Hill Media @
    Jim Hill reveals this in-depth article about last Wednesday's WDFA "Town Hall" meeting at the Alex Theater in Glendale, CA.

    Fraidy's directors gave a brief speech as they off showed some art work and/or work-in-progress footage. In an effort to familiarize the audience at the Alex with all of the other projects that WDFA had in its production pipeline.

Disney Working on 8 CG Movies!
June 8, 2003

    Michael Eisner revealed in a recent presentation that Disney currently has eight computer-generated movies in production (which may be My Peoples, Chicken Little, Fantasia 2006, The Snow Queen, Rapunzel, Fraidy Cat, Vanguard's Valiant and Rocket Pictures' Gnomeo & Juliet).

August 18, 2002 from

    "The current poster is a spoof of Hitchcock's Vertigo with a cat falling down a spiral hole. The design is reminiscent of Tim Burton and thriller movies from the '50s. Very black and white and stylized."

May 18, 2002

    I have heard from Disney insiders that director Piet Kroon, known best from his work on Warners Feature Animationís The Iron Giant as well as Osmosis Jones. Now that heís with Disney, Pietís slated to helm Fraidy Cat, a Hitchcock-type mystery thatís set in London. This film combines the very best of the 2-D & 3-D animation traditions. Apparently Hans Bacher, the production designer of Disneyís 1998 release of Mulan, has been trying to win Kroon over to the idea of doing Fraidy Cat as a straight 3-D CG feature. The main reason is to avoid all of the behind-the-scenes headaches that are involved with making one of those 2-D / 3-D hybrid projects.