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Little People

Genre: Animated Film

Studio: MovieToons division

Company Walt Disney Pictures

Project Phase: Cancelled


    Another combination picture. This may have been one of the earliest attempts (1946) to merge animation and live action on screen together in a feature film. The idea never got to far though as enthusiasm for Alice and Wonderland started to pick up. Incidentally the original idea for Alice in Wonderland was to make the whole film live action.

    These are just a few of the many ideas, these being the most fully developed, that have passed through the Disney Studio over the years. Disney is not alone in their product selection, the history of Hollywood is littered with things that ‘might have been’: A Jerry Lewis directed ‘Animal House’ type of movie starring senior citizens, ‘The Marx Brothers Visit the U.N.’ which would have been directed by Billy Wilder, ‘Swirlee,’ the story of a Mafia boss turned ice-cream cone or Dieter, the Mike Meyers comedy. For as many great and memorable films that have come from Hollywood and in particular Disney, one still has to wonder: What if…?