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A fairy-tale bending
USA Today
September 17, 2003
    In the article title "A fairy-tale bending", in the September 17, 2003 USA Today, this story was briefly mentioned as being worked on by the Walt Disney company. So this film is still being worked on

Latest Hollywood Book, Script Deals
July 2, 2003

    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Writing duo Bill and Cheri Steinkellner have sold their animated feature pitch "Uncle Stiltskin" to the Walt Disney Co.

    The project, which will be penned by the Steinkellners, is described as a story that begins where the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Rumplestiltskin" leaves off. In "Uncle Stiltskin," the fabled aspiring babynapper Rumplestiltskin again tries to fulfill his dream of being a father, but this time he discovers the true meaning of family.

    The Steinkellners penned the animated feature "Teacher's Pet," which is based on their successful animated ABC television series of the same name. The "Teacher's Pet" movie will be released by Disney in February.