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Script Typed by typed by Cristina Sánchez Arteaga of Wilfried's Disney Database

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Pongo was a handsome Dalmatian. He owns Roger Radcliff, a nice young bachelor musician who was gentle, obedient and unusually intelligent. In fact, Pongo thinks at times he is almost canine. They live in a nice little house near regents Park in London, but it has become very lonely for both of them.
Pongo My story begins in London, not so very long ago. Yet so much has happened since then, that it seems like an eternity. At that time I lived with my pet in a bachelor flat just off Regents Park. It was a beautiful spring day, a tedious time of the year for bachelors. Oh… that’s my pet, Roger. Roger Radcliff, a musician of sorts. Ha-ha. No, no, I’m the one with spots. My name’s Pongo. As far as I could see the old notion that “a bachelor’s life was so glamorous and carefree” was all nonsense. It was downright dull sighs It was plain to see that my old pet needed someone. If it were left up to Roger, we’d be bachelors forever. He was married to his work, writing songs. Songs about romance… of all things, something he knew absolutely nothing about Roger’s playing piano Oh, he’s intelligent enough as humans so. And I think you could say, Roger is a rather handsome animal in his way. I could see no reason why my pet didn’t deserve an attractive mate, but al least I was determinated to do my best. Of course, dogs are a pretty poor judge of human beauty, but I had a rough idea of what to look for He’s looking out from the window spotting the candidates We see an Afghan Hmm! Unusual breed chuckles Very unusual. Hmm! Oh, surely not. Well now, what have we here? Hmm. Well, a little… too short coupled. Nope! I say! Well, I do say! Now there’s a fancy breed. Hmm. Perhaps a little too fancy. Yes, much too fancy. Oh! Too old. Too young. It was a problem, a real problem. Well, now that’s a bit more like it! It’s a Dalmatian The most beautiful creature on four legs! Now if only the girl… Well! She’s very lovely too! It was almost too good to be true. I’d never find another pair like that, not if I looked for a hundred years. Ah, they’re heading for the park. A perfect meeting place… if I can only arrange it. Uh-oh, but Roger never stopped work ‘til after 5:00. That could be too late He changes the time and barks attracting Roger’s attention .
Roger Looking the clock After 5:00 already. Fancy that. All right Pongo, all right boy. Pongo’s barking and yipping Pongo boy! Take it easy! What’s all the hurry? Pongo boy, slow down.
Pongo I was afraid we’d missed them. Perhaps they passed on by the park. Then suddenly… I spotted them. It was a perfect situation if I planned it right. I couldn’t depend on Roger. I knew what he’d do. He’d settle on the grass, puff his pipe and that would be it. No, it was all up to me. Well as they pass, Anita and Perdita take notice of them At first I had no particular plan just anything to attract attention. You know stir things up a bit He takes off Roger’s hat .
Roger Pongo, you silly old thing! C’mon! Let’s have it, boy. Pongo! yipping Pongo! He leaves the hat on the bench where Anita’s seated .
Pongo For a while it seemed to work. At least they had seen one another. Things were going along first-rate. But for some strange reason they left!
Roger C’mon, you old renegade. We’re going home.
Pongo But I wasn’t giving up. I was determinated that somehow they just had to meet.
Roger Oh!
Anita Ohhh!
Roger I beg your pardon. Please, excuse me.
Anita I must say, what on earth!
Roger Oh dear!
Anita Oh really! Good heavens!
Roger Oooh!
Anita Ahh! Ahh! Perdita tries to stop them and she breaks Anita’s dress. The pair end up toppling into a pond Oh, oh. Oh my new spring suit and my new hat!
Roger Ah, ah… I’m terribly sorry. Please, let me help you I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s come over him. I’m so sorry. He’s never acted this way before.
Anita Oh, never mind! Never mind! Please, just go away. You’ve done enough. Please? Oh! she takes her handkerchief that is wet .
Roger Oh, I say. Here, take mine it’s wet too
Anita Oh! they laugh. For the very first time Perdita looks to Pongo
In a few weeks there was a double wedding for Pongo and Perdita, Roger and Anita, and the dogs settled down to a life of pleasant domesticity with their happy pets.
Priest Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honour and keep her in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others keep thee only unto her so long as ye both shall live?
Roger I will.
Pongo For the first six months or so we lived in a small house near the park, a modest little place but just right for two couples who were just starting out. In the window we see Perdita and Pongo resting. She sighs happily Perdita, darling, are you all right?
Perdita chuckles Oh, of course, dear. After all, dogs were having puppies long before our time.
Pongo He chuckles happily Oh, that’s Nanny, a wonderful cook and housekeeper. She’s such a kind understanding soul. You know, at times she seems almost canine.
Anita Roger, dear, tea time! Tea time!
Roger Still playing piano Be down in a minute. Ta-tum-ti-ta-tum whistling Do you like my new song.
Anita Ta-tum-ti-ta-tum. Such clever lyrics.
Roger Ho ho! Chuckles Melody first, my dear. And then the lyrics, hm? car horn
Perdita Oh, Pongo… it’s her. It’s that devil woman A car stops in front of the house
Roger Oh, must be Cruella, your dearly devoted old schoolmate, Cruella de Vil. That’s it! Cruella de Vil Cruella de Vil if she doesn't scare you no evil thing will
Anita Oh Roger To see her is to take a sudden chill
Anita Oh
Cruella she's like a spider waiting for the... kill
Anita Roger, she'll hear you Look out for Cruella de Vil
Anita Let her in, Nanny.
Cruella Anita, darling!
Anita How are you?
Cruella Miserable as usual. Perfectly wretched! Where are they? Where are they? For heaven sakes, where are they?
Anita Who, Cruella?
Cruella The puppies! in loud rude voice The puppies! Not time for games. Where are the little brutes?
Anita Oh, it’ll be al least three weeks. No rushing these things, you know.
Cruella chuckles Anita, you’re such a wit. Here, dog, here. Here dog Pongo growls
Anita Cruella, isn’t that a new fur coat?
Cruella Oh, my only true love, darling. I live for furs. I worship furs! Aaaah…. After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn’t?
Anita Oh, I’d like a nice fur but there are many other things…
Cruella Sweet, simple Anita chuckles I know, I know! This horrid little house is your dreamed castle. Ha, ha, ha! And poor Roger is your bold and fearless Sir Galahad! Ha ha ha!
Anita Oh Cruella!
Cruella Then of course you have your little spotted friends. Oh yes, I must say… such a perfectly beautiful coats.
Anita Won’t you have some tea?
Cruella I’ve got to run. Let me know when the puppies arrive. You will, won’t you dear?
Anita Yes Cruella.
Cruella Don’t forget, it’s a promise. See you in three weeks. Cheerio, cheerio darling she slams the door
Anita Oooh!
Roger At first you think
Cruella is a devil
but after time
has worn away the shock
you come to realize
you've seen
her kind of eyes
watching you
from underneath a rock
Anita You're no help

this vampire bat
this inhuman beast
she ought to be locked up
and never released
the world was such
a wholesome place until
Cruella de Vil
Anita They kiss Oh Roger, you are an idiot! They laugh
In the kitchen.
Pongo Perdy?
Perdita That’s witch! That devil woman. She wants our puppies. That’s all she’s after.
Pongo Oh, don’t worry, Perdy. They’re on to her. Nothing’s going to happen to our puppies.
Perdita What does she want with them? She can’t possibly love them. Oh Pongo crying I was so happy at first, but now I--- Oh, I--- I wish we weren’t having any.
A raining night. Perdita’s going to have her puppies. She’s been helped by Anita and Nanny while Pongo and his pet waits patiently in the next room.
Pongo Poor Perdita. Of course she had no choice. The puppies arrived right on schedule one wild and stormy night in October.
Roger Ooh! Steady, boy. He’s puffing his pipe and Pongo licks his hand
Nanny The puppies are here! shouting Oh--- the puppies are here!
Roger H-H-How many?
Nanny Eight.
Roger Eight? By George, Pongo! Eight puppies!
Nanny Ten!
Anita Eleven!
Nanny Eleven.
Roger Eleven? Eleven puppies, Pongo boy!
Nanny Wait a minute now, wait a minute… thirteen!. No, no, no fourteen, ohhh, fifteen!
Roger Fifteen?
Nanny And the mother’s doing fine, love. Oh, you lucky thing, you.
Roger Fifteen puppies? Why, Pongo boy, That’s marvellous! It’s fabulous! Why, you old rascal!
Nanny She enters sobbing with something in her hands Fourteen. Just fourteen. We lost one. Oh, poor little thing.
Roger Oh, pongo. It’s just one of those things. And yet? And yet I wonder… he tries to resuscitate him and he does! Look Pongo! Anita! Nanny! Fifteen! We still have fifteen!
Anita Oh Roger, he’s all right! Thank heaven!
Roger See? He’s just as good as new.
Anita Can you imagine, Roger, fifteen puppies! Suddenly a sinister shadow appears in the door and a wellknown voice ask
Cruella Fifteen! Fifteen puppies! How marvellous! How marvellous, how perfectly… she sees the puppy Ugh! The devil take it! They’re mongrels… no spots! No spots at all! What a horrid little white rat! Ugh!
Nanny They’re not mongrels! They’ll get their spots. Just wait and see.
Anita That’s right. They’ll have their spots in a few weeks.
Cruella Oh, well, in that case I’ll take them all. The whole litter. Just name your price, dear
Anita I’m afraid we can’t give them up. Poor Perdita. She’d be heartbroken.
Cruella Anita, don’t be ridiculous. You can’t afford to keep them. You can scarcely feed yourselves.
Anita I’m sure we’ll get along.
Cruella Chuckling Yes, I know! I know! Roger’s… Roger’s songs! laughing Enough of this nonsense I’ll pay you twice what they’re worth. I’m being more than generous. Blast this pen. Blast this wretched, wretched pen! she puts ink spots in Roger and Pongo who are so furious When can the puppies leave their mother? Two weeks? Three weeks?
Roger Never.
Cruella What?
Roger We’re n-n-not selling the puppies. Not a single one. D-do you understand?
Cruella chuckling Anita, is he serious? I really don’t know Roger.
Anita Well, Cruella, he---
Cruella Surely he must be joking!
Roger No, no, no. I-I-I-I mean it. You’re not getting one. N-n-not one. And that’s--- final! Pongo nods his head
Cruella Shouts Why, you horrid man! You… you… Al right, keep the little beasts for all I care. Do as you like with them. Dorwn them! But I warn you, Anita. I’m through with all of you! I’ll get even. Just wait. You’ll be sorry, you fools! You, you idiots! she slams the door
Anita embracing Roger Oh Roger! You were magnificent, darling!
Nanny Oh he was a bloomin’ hero, ma’am. Indeed he was. A bloomin’ hero!
Pongo he runs to tell Perdita the good news Perdy? Perdy darling? Perdy, we’re keeping the puppies every single one of them. My ol’ pet Roger, he told that devil woman off. He told her off, Perdy. She’s gone darling, she’s gone for good.
Perdita Oh Pongo Now she’s happy sights Some weeks later our dogs are watching their favourite TV programm.
Puppies C’mon, Thunderbolt. C’mon, Thunderbolt Go get him, Thunder After him, boy He’ll get that dirty ol’ horse thief Old Thunderbolt’s the greatest dog in the whole world. He’s even better than Dad. No dog’s better than Dad Pongo smiles proudly What’s he going to do, Dad?
Pongo Shhh, shhh. Let’s just wait and see, eh?
Puppy Look at him run, the old coward.
Patch That old Dirty Dawson! The yellow-livered old skunk! I’d like to tear his gizzard out.
Perdita Why, Patch, where did you ever hear such talk? Certainly not from your mother.
Penny Watch out, Thunder!
Patch Don’t worry Penny. He’ll get that yellow-livered---- oh, well, he’ll get him, all right.
Puppies Lucky, Lucky, get down. We can’t see. Mother, make him get down.
Perdita C’mon, Lucky. Down, dear.
Puppy Missed him. Missed him by a mile.
Rolly I’m hungry, mother. I’m hungry.
Perdita Now Rolly, you’ve just had your dinner.
Rolly But I am just the same I’m so hungry I could eat… a whole elephant.
Puppies Shh! There he is, behind that rock! gunshot Oh dear, he shot poor Thunder
Patch He missed him! Ol’ Thunder’s pretending… I think, see? What did I tell you? That’s one of his tricks.
Puppy Lucky, get down.
TV Ha-ha-ha! Lucky whimpers and yipps
Rolly I’m hungry mother, I really am.
TV Don’t miss next week’s exciting episode. Who will triumph?
Patch Ol’ Thunder always wins!
TV … and speaking of champions, friends, Kanine Krunchies is the champion of all dog biscuits.

Kanine krunchies
Can’t be beat
They make each meal
A special treat
Happy dogs are those
Who eat nutritions
Kanine Krunchies
Pongo Uh, Perdy, we better get these little nippers off to bed if we’re going for a w-a-l-k.
Puppies We want to go, mother. Can we mother? We never get to go.
Perdita Come along children. Bed time.
Patch But we’re not a yawn bit sleepy. We want to go for a walk in the park.
Puppy Dad, can we?
Pongo Better do as your mother says. One, two, three, four, five, six… seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen…
Rolly I’m not sleepy. I’m hungry.
Pongo … fourteen, Hmmm?
TV So do what all The smarts dogs do And you’ll free great
The whole day through
You can be a champion too If you eat Kanine Krunchies Now remember, friends, just send five---
Pongo turning off the TV Lucky, you little rascal, let’s go.
Pongo and Perdita take Roger and Anita for their customary walk in the park. But there is car from where two men spy them. One tall and skinny and one short fat.
Jasper There they go, Horace, me lad, out for their evening constitutional. A lovely pair of turtledoves. Around the corner and off to the park.
Horace Yeah, I don’t like it, Jasper. One more pinch and they’ll throw the keys away.
Jasper Oh, come off it, Horace. We’re getting plenty of boodle.
Horace Yes, but… I’ve been thinking.
Jasper You’ve been thinking? Now look here, I warned you about thinking. I’ve got the knob for this job, so let’s get on with it. Ah, nobody home but the little ol’ cook. You just leave her to ol’ Jasper. He can handle her real diplomatic-like.
Horace Yeah, but I still don’t like it.
At the home.
Nanny There, here. Now Patch you settle down chuckles Oh dear. Go to sleep now. Close your little eyes. That’s a good little one Door bell Now, who do you suppose? she opens the door .
Jasper Good evening ma’am. We’re here to inspect the wiring and the switches.
Horace We’re from the gas company.
Jasper Electric, electric.
Horace Electric company.
Nanny Oh, but we didn’t call for any inspection.
Jasper Oh, yes ma’am, you see, there’s a new act just been passed in parliament Comes under the heading of defence od the realm act from section 29, very important it’s the law and it’s for your safety, ma’am.
Nanny Well, I don’t care what Parliament realm or whatever it says. You’re not coming in here, not with the mister and missus gone.
Jasper Now, come off it, Ducky. We got no time to palaver. We got a job to do. Excuse me! They enter by the force
Nanny What’s the matter with you two? You got cloth ears? I say you’re not coming in here.
Jasper Oh, she’s a regular, little Tartar, ain’t she Horace? Ha-ha-ha!
Nanny Don’t you dare go up there, you long-legged lummox! Now I mean it! If you… if you don’t get out of this house I’ll call the police, I will. Now be off with you, you big weagel! She’s locked in the cellar
Jasper Now, you’ve been and gone and done it. You’ve cut me to the quick, Lady. Why I wouldn’t stay here if you asked me to. Not even for a cup of tea. Whoa! Horace, me lad, I’ve got a sneaky suspicion we’re not welcome here.
Horace Pack up we’re leaving. Sharp’s the word and quicks the action.
Nanny Let me out! Help! I’ll call the police! Help!
Jasper Good night, Ducky. Ta-ta!
Nanny Oh those good-for-nothing-hoodlums! Electric company? Hm. They’re nothing but common sneak thieves. I’ll bet they made off with the good silver, why I bet they took every last… Oh! The puppies! They’re gone! Patch? Lucky? Rolly? Ah! They took the puppies! Oh… whatever will I do? Those scoundrels! They stole the puppies! Coming out the house Police! Help! The puppies! Police! Somebody help me! Help! Help! Help!
Cruella’s home. She’s reading the papers.
Cruella “Dognapping” Can you imagine such a thing? “Fifteen puppies stolen”, they are darling little things. Anita…. Ha-ha-ha… and her bashful Beethoven! Ha ha ha! Pipe and all! Ha ha ha ha! Oh Roger you are a fool! Ha ha ha ha phone ringing Hello? Jasper! Jasper, you idiot! How dare you call here?
Jasper We don’t want no more of this year. We want our boodle!
Horace We’ll settle for half!
Cruella Not one schilling ‘til the job’s done.
Horace Jasper!
Cruella Understand?
Horace Jasper!
Jasper But it’s in the blinking papers, pictures and all!
Cruella Hang the papers! It’ll be forgotten tomorrow!
Horace I don’t like it?
Jasper Shut up, you idiot!
Cruella What?
Jasper Oh no! Not you miss. I mean Horace!
Cruella Why, why you imbecile! she phones Anita
Roger It’s Scotland Yard. Maybe they found something. Hello Inspector?
Cruella Is Anita There?
Roger Who?
Cruella Anita!
Roger It’s for you.
Anita Hello?
Cruella Anita, darling!
Anita Oh Cruella!
Cruella What a dreadful thing. I just saw the papers. I couldn’t believe it!
Anita Yes Cruella. It was quite a shock.
Roger What is what she want? Is she calling to confess. The Radcliffs, Pongo and Perdita are desolated by the loss. Roger is sure that Cruella is behind it
Anita Roger, please!
Roger Oh, she’s a shy one! She is…
Anita Yes, we’re doing everything possible.
Cruella Have you called the police?
Anita Yes, we-we called Scotland Yard but I’m afraid---
Roger Where are they?
Anita To Roger You idiot!
Cruella Anita!
Anita Sorry, Cruella, Yes, if there’s any news we’ll let you know. Thank you Cruella. Roger, I admit she’s excentric but she’s not a thief.
Roger Well, she’s number one suspect in my book.
Anita She’s been investigated by Scotland Yard. What more do you want?
Roger Oh, I don’t know darling. I don’t know.
Anita Oh, Roger. What’ll we do? What’ll we do?
Pongo taking Perdita into his confidence Perdy, I’m afraid it’s all up to us.
Perdita Oh, Pongo. Isn’t there any hope?
Pongo Well, yes. There’s the twilight bark.
Perdita The twilight bark? That’s only a gossip chain.
Pongo Darling, it’s the very fastest way to send news. If our puppies are anywhere in the city, the London dogs will know. We’ll send the word tonight, when our pets take us for a walk in the park.
In the park, Pongo barks as loud as he can. He does to north, south, east and west.
Perdita There’s no one out tonight. I’m afraid it’s too cold.
Pongo We’ve got to keep trying, Perdy he continues barking and someone answer him Perdy, we’re in luck! It’s the Great Dane at Hampstead.
Roger Pongo, quiet, boy! Do you want to stir up the whole neighbourhood? Come on, Pongo.
Anita Perdy! Come on.
Roger Let’s go! Pongo, you old idiot! Pongo continues barking and howling Come on, now, we’re going home!
Terrier What is it, Danny? Who’s on the telegraph?
Great Dane It’s Pongo. Regents Park. It’s an all-dog alert.
Terrier What’s it all about? Tell me, Danny, tell me! Tell me!
Great Dane Wait a minute, wait a minute. Well now, hmm, that is something.
Terrier What Danny? What’s something?
Great Dane Fifteen Dalmatian puppies. Stolen!
Terrier Have they called the police? Scotland Yard?
Great Dane The humans tried everything. Now it’s up to us dogs and the twilight bark.
Terrier I’ll sound the alert! yipping
Great Dane Woof! Woof! howling
Terrier Ahhh barks From the Great Dane, to a terrier, to a Scottie, to an Afghan to a barge dog of no discernable bloodlines but much intelligence, the alert pass
Prissy’s pet Prissy, come in here!
Coco’s pet Coco! Be quiet now!
All the city is in alert. All the London’s dogs bark the word.
Man Aw, shut up!
Will you be quiet?
Countryside. Barking continues.
Lucy Towser, what’s going on? What is it? What’s all the gossip?
Towser ‘Taint no gossip, Lucy. It be all the way from London.
Lucy You don’t say!
Towser Fifteen puppies stolen!
Lucy There’s no puppies around here, not since Nellie’s last little and they all are grown.
Towser Well, then we’d best send the word along. It be up to me to reach the Colonel! He be the only one in barking range.
Lucy You’ll never reach him at this hour.
Towser Well I can try! I’ll bark all night if I have to. Ahem. barks
Captain Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Sounds like old Towser. It’s an alert. Sergeant! Sergeant Tibs! I say Sergeant! neighing
Tibs Oh, yes Captain!
Captain Barking signal. It’s an alert. Report to the Colonel at once.
Tibs Yes, righto, sir. Right away sir! Colonel? I say, Colonel! Colonel sir? Colonel?
Colonel What? Who goes there?
Tibs Sergeant Tibs reporting, sir.
Colonel Tibs? Tibs? Oh, yes, Sergeant Tibs!
Tibs Colonel, sir.
Colonel Look here, Tibs. What’s the idea of barking in at this hour’s night?
Tibs But Colonel…
Colonel Hold on, Sergeant. You hear that? Sounds like an alert.
Tibs Yes, colonel.
Colonel We’d better look into it. Come along, on the double.
Tibs Yes sir, righto sir.
Captain It’s old Towser down at Withermarsh, sir.
Colonel By Jove, yes! So it is. Well, I’ll see what he wants. Ahem! Woof, woof, woof! Woof, woof, woof!
Towser It be the Colonel! The old boy himself. He wants the message.
Lucy You’d better make it loud or he’ll never get it. Towser barks the message
Colonel One long howl, two short. One yip and a woof.
Tibs Two yips sir.
Captain What’s the word, Colonel?
Colonel It’s from London.
Tibs It must be important.
Colonel Yes. I’ll get the rest of it. Ahem! Woof, woof, woof! distant barking sounds like a number. Three fives is thirteen
Tibs That’s fifteen, sir.
Colonel Fifteen, of course, fifteen barking continues Yes… dot, spot… spotted puddings, poodles. No, puddles!
Captain Puddles, sir?
Colonel Fifteen spotted puddles stolen? Oh, balderdash!
Tibs Better double-check it, Colonel.
Colonel Oh, yes. I suppose I’d better. Woof, woof, woof. Two woofs, one yip and a woof.
Tibs It sounds like puppies.
Colonel Of course, puppies.
Tibs I just remembered. Two nights past, I heard puppy barking at Hell Hall.
Colonel You mean the old De Vil place? Nonsense, Tibs! No one’s lived there for years.
Captain Hold on! There’s smike coming from the chimney!
Colonel By Jove! That’s strange… strange indeed. Ahem. Well, I suppose we’d better investigate. I’ll send word for ol’ Towser to stand by. Roof! Roo-roo-roof!
Towser Please, stand… by.
Lucy What’s he mean by that?
Towser I don’t know. Oh… maybe the ol’ boy’s found something!
Lucy Oh, I do hope so.
Hell Hall
Colonel They say the ol’ place is haunted or bewitched or some such fiddle faddle.
Tibs Fiddle faddle and rot, sir.
Colonel Just the same, Sergeant, use extreme caution. No telling what hocus pocus you might run into. Well, blast it all, Tibs. On the double, man. On the double.
Tibs Yes sir. Right away sir he crawls through an open window and finds himself in a room full of Dalmatian puppies Psst. Rover! Spotty!
Puppy Hum. What?
Tibs Are you one of the fifteen stolen puppies?
Puppy We’re not stolen. We’re bought and paid for. There’s 99 of us all together.
Tibs Ninety nine!
Puppy How ‘bout that bunch of little ones? They have names and collars. They’re not from the pet shops.
Tibs Fifteen of ‘em.
Puppy We never counted them. They’re over there by the TV.
Tibs I’s better count ‘em.
Puppy Watch out for the Baduns.
Tibs Baduns?
Puppy Those two blokes, Horace and Jasper. They’re mean ones, they are.
Jasper Hey, look Horace! Watch me pot. His Lordship smack on the conk. Ha ha ha ha. How’s that for callin’ ‘em eh? Ha ha ha ha!
Tibs whispering One, two, three, four, five, six...
Horace Hey Jasper! Give us a swig. Just a short one.
Jasper Now Horace, this hogwash ain’t fit for a bloke like yourself. Besides you’d get crumbs in it, you cabbage head!
Horace All right! Guzzle the whole works. I hope it gives you colly wobbles, that’s what Rolly eats his sandwich Hey Jasper, did you…
Tibs Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, elen…
Horace Hey, get down, you little runt! And stay down Patch faces him Go on, get out of here or I’ll black your other peeper.
Tibs Where was I? Nine… three more. Twelve and one, two, three. That’s fifteen! They’re the ones!
Jasper Taking Tibs as a bottle Blimey! What the… Horace, look what we git! A tabby cat! all the puppies barking and yipping Ha ha ha! Ho ho ho! How’d you like a tabby cat stew? Or a cat Cassarole? Ha ha ha a la mode!
London. The twilight bark is working and soon the Pongos know the good news.
Perdita What is it Pongo? What is it?
Pongo It’s the Great Dane. He has news for us. He’ll meet us at Primrose Hill.
Perdita How’ll we get out?
Pongo The back bedroom window. It’s always open a wee bit. C’mon.
Primrose Hill.
Great Dane Woof! Woof! Pongos, you’ve made it. Good.
Pongo What’s the word? What’s the news?
Perdita Have they found our puppies?
Great Dane They’ve been located somewhere north of here in Suffolk.
Perdita Oh, thank heaven!
Great Dane Can you leave tonight?
Pongo Oh yes, of course.
Perdita We can leave right away.
Great Dane Good. I’ll go along as far as Caruden Road and give you instructions. When you reach Withermarsh contact old Towser. He’ll direct you to the Colonel and the Colonel will take you to your puppies at the De Vil place.
Perdita De Vil?
Pongo The De Vil place?
Perdita Oh Pongo, it was her!
Great Dane Oh, someone you know?
Pongo Precisely, there’s no time to explain they run
Perdita I hope we’re not too late.
Great Dane Good luck Pongo! If you lose your way contact the barking chain. They’ll be standing by! Pongo and Perdy continue running during the whole night. It doesn’t matter the rain, or the snow…
Captain Any news Colonel?
Colonel No. Not a blast thing. They’re lost or captured, or something or other. Who knows what.
Tibs Colonel, here comes a car.
Colonel Oh, come now, Tibs. Don’t be ridiculous. They wouldn’t be driving.
Tibs Yes, I know sir but it’s heading for Hell Hall. It… it’s stopping at the gate!
Colonel It is? Well, blast it all! Better see what’s up. On the double man. On the double!
Tibs Yes sir!
Colonel Take over, Captain.
Captain Righto, sir.
Hell Hall. Cruella’s arrived.
TV I’m sorry Mr. Simpkin. The answer is no, no, no. Six down, four to go.
Cruella I’ve got no time to argue. It’s got to be done tonight.
TV … it must be a yes or no question, Inspector?
Cruella Do you understand? Tonight!
Horace But they ain’t big enough.
Jasper You couldn’t get half a dozen coats out of the whole caboodle.
Tibs Coats! Dog-skin coats?
Cruella We’ll settle for half a dozen! We can’t wait! The police are everywhere. I want the job done tonight!
Horace How’re we gonna do it?
Cruella Any way you like. Poison them, drown them, bash them in the head. You got any chloroform?
Jasper Not a drop.
Horace And no ether “ee-ther”
Jasper Eye-ther.
Cruella I don’t care how you kill the beasts, but do it… and do it now!
Jasper Aw, please, miss. Have pity. Can we see the rest of the show first?
Horace We want to see “What’s my crime?”
Cruella Now, listen, you idiots! I’ll be back in the morning and the job better be done or I’ll… I’ll call the police! Do you understand?
Horace I think she means it.
Jasper Ah… we’ll get on with it as soon as the show’s over.
TV …will you please sign in, sir?
Tibs whispering Hey kids, you’d better get out of here if you want to save your skin.
Puppy But how?
Tibs Shhh. There’s a hole in the wall, there by the door. C’mon shake a leg. Psst. Kids, follow me.
Horace Hey Jasper, look! Ha ha ha ha! It’s old Meathead.
Jasper Yeah, what do you know…. Old Meathead Fauncewater?
Tibs C’mon, don’t crowd. One at a time. One at a time!
TV Now for our last contestant, this evening meet Mr. Percival Fauncewater. Mr. Percival Fauncewater if the panel fails to guess your unusual crime in ten questions you will receive two weeks vacation at a seaside resort all expenses paid. That is after you’ve paid your debt to society. Now, who will take the first question? Inspector?
TV (Inspector) Could your crime be classified as larceny? A theft burglary?
Tibs Straighten out! Form a queue… along the wall. Snap it up.
TV Mr. Fauncewater is a burglar by trade but in this case his crime was not a burglary. I’m sorry, the answer is no Jasper and Horace laugh One down, nine to go. Miss Birdwell?
TV (Mrs. Birdwell) If your crime wasn’t robbery did you… oh dear, what I mean is, do something of a violent nature, that is…
TV Come, Miss Birdwell we’re running short of time.
TV (Mrs. Birdwell) Oh yes, of course. So sorry. Did you do someone in?
Tibs Oh.
TV I’m sorry, the answer is no. Two down eight to go. Mrs. Simpkins?
Tibs to Lucky Psst. Hey kid, let’s go.
TV (Mrs. Simpkins) All right then. Could it be a violation of a city ordinance?
TV … eh no.
Horace Hey get out of the way, you little runt!
TV Three down, seven to go. Inspector?
TV (Inspector) Very confusing, I must say. Surely this crime could…
TV (Buzzer) I’m terribly sorry I’m afraid we’ve run out of time.
Horace Ain’t that always the way!
TV Would it be possible for Mr. Fauncewater to come back next week? Then we could finish out little game. Good night audience. See you next week at this same time on “What’s my crime?”
Jasper Ah, oh well. C’mon Horace. Let’s go on with it I’ll pop’em on the head, you do the skinnin’
Horace Oh no, you don’t Jasper! I’ll pop ‘em off and you do the skinnin’
Jasper Hey Horace! Look! They’re gone. They flew the coop. Right out through this hole. Here, grab a torch. We’ll run ‘em down before you can say “Bob’s your uncle” They discover the puppies climbing stairs up There they go, Horace, up the stairs whistling Here puppies, here puppies! C’mon now. Don’t go hiding from ol’ uncle Jasper, he-he. I ain’t gonna hurt you.
Horace I thought we was gonna pop ‘em off.
Jasper Shut up! Take a squint in there. I’ll check these other two rooms whistling Here puppies! Come on out! Come on wherever you are They go out from under the bed Horace! Oh! It’s the mangy tabby cat. He’s the ringleader! Head ‘em off. Head ‘em--- You bungling blockhead!
Tibs Back here! Back here! Shhh. Here they come.
Jasper Double-crossin’ little twerps, pullin’ a snitch on us! After we took care of ‘em.
Horace There’s gratitude for you. It ain’t fair Jasper.
Jasper Horace! There they go!
Colonel Sergeant? I say Sergeant!
Tibs Sorry. No time to explain. Busy sir.
Jasper Shut the door, Horace. We’ll close in on ‘em. Enough of this “ring around the rosy”.
Perdita Oh Pongo, I’m afraid we’re lost.
Pongo It can’t be far barks
Colonel By Jove! It can’t be the Pongos barks answering Grr. howls
Pongo It’s the Colonel. C’mon this way. Colonel? Are you the Colonel?
Colonel At Hell Hall’s gates Oh, Pingo! Uh-uh Pongo?
Perdita Our puppies, are they all right?
Colonel No time to explain. There’s trouble. A big hullabaloo. Come along! Follow me!
Jasper Ah ha ha ha. Now we’ve got ‘em Horace. They’ve run out the room In that moment the Pongos arrive as two snarling furies crash through the window and hurl themselves at the men to save the puppies What have we got here? A couple of spotted hyenas? C’mon Horace. Give ‘em what for. I’m right behind you, lad. Uh… oh! You clumsy clod!
Horace I’ll knock the spots off you. Let go! Let go!
Colonel Well, by George!
Jasper You mangry mongrel! I’ll knock your blinkin’ block off Pongo bites him Aww!
Colonel Blast ‘em Tibs. Give ‘em what for.
Tibs No, no, Colonel! Retreat, retreat! He lead the puppies out through the open window
Colonel Yes, oh yes of course. Retreat! Retreat on the double!
Horace Help, Jasper! Get me out of here!
Jasper Hey Horace, they’re fighting dirty.
Horace Oh, oh, oh! He falls over the fire Oh, oh, oh. Jasper!
Jasper Horace!
Pongo C’mon Perdy. Let’s go.
Jasper I’ll skin every one of them spotted hyenas if it’s the last thing I do.
Puppies Dad! Mother!
I missed you mommy!
Here we are mommy!
Perdita Oh, my darlings…. My darlings.
Lucky How’d you find us?
Pongo Ha-ha. Lucky! Patch! Pepper!
Puppies Oh daddy!
Pongo And Rolly, you rascal!
Rolly Did you bring me anything to eat?
Pongo Ha ha! Everybody here? All fifteen?
Patch Twice that many Dad. Now there’s 99 of us!
Pongo What’ Nine--- ninety nine! Oh, where did they all come from?
Perdita What would she want with so many?
Puppy She’s gonna make coats out of us.
Perdita She couldn’t they’re shocked
Tibs That’s right. Dog-skins coats.
Colonel Oh, dog-skins coats! Come on, Tibs!
Tibs But it’s true, sir.
Patch Horace and Jasper, were gonna pop us off and… skin us!
Perdita She’s a devil! A witch! What’ll we do?
Pongo We have to get back to London, somehow.
Patch What about the others? What’ll they do?
Pongo Perdy, we’ll take them home with us… al of them. Our pets would never turn them out.
Captain Colonel, sir, lights on the road. It’s a truck headin’ this way.
Tibs It’s the Baduns, Horace and Jasper. They’re following our tracks.
Colonel Well, we’ve got ‘em outnumbered, tibs. When I give the signal we’ll attack.
Tibs Colonel, sir. I’m afraid that would be disastrous.
Colonel Ahem! Oh, think so?
Pongo He’s right. We’d better run for it.
Tibs Out the back, across the pasture.
Pongo Thank you, Sergeant, Colonel, Captain.
Perdita Bless you all!
Pongo How can we ever repay you?
Colonel Ahem! Oh no, nothing at all! All in the line of duty.
Tibs That’s right sir… routine.
Captain Better be off. There they come.
Perdita C’mon kids, hurry.
Tibs Good luck, Pongos!
Colonel And never fear. We’ll hold them off ‘till the bitter end Captain gives the signal
Jasper Now, what’s this? Out of my way you barking haysack or I’ll knock your blinckin’ block off!
Horace They ain’t here.
Jasper They’re hiding in the hay. Give me a match. We’ll burn ‘em out.
Tibs Ready Captain? Aim… fire one. Fire two.
Jasper Hey there they go, the little sneaks. C’mon Horace, back to the truck. We’ll head ‘em off in half a mile in a bridge They gotta be around here, somewhere.
Horace Jasper, I’ve been thinking.
Jasper Now Horace.
Horace What if they went down the froze-up creek… so’s not to leave their tracks?
Jasper Oh, Horace, you idiot! Dogs ain’t that smart.
Pongo All clear, Perdy. All clear.
Puppies We gave ‘em the slip! Didn’t we dad?
They didn’t even see us, Patch!
Perdita Shhh children. Children, shh.
Puppy My feet are slippery. I wish we could walk on the snow.
Pongo No son, we can’t leave tracks.
Cruella Well, any sign of them?
Jasper Not so much as one blooming footprint. And we’ve been up and down every road in the all county.
Horace We are froze stiff. We’ re giving up.
Cruella OH no, you don’t! We’ll find the mongrels if it takes ‘till next Christmas. Now get going and watch your driving! Do you wanna get nabbed by the police?
Pongo 93, 94, 95, 96, 97 98 Oh Lucky! C’mon Lucky boy! We can’t give up now.
Lucky I’m tried and I’m hungry and my tail’s froze and my nose is froze and my ears are froze. And my toes are froze.
Collie Barking Pongo! Pongo! Pongo! Oh we’d just about lost hope. We have shelter for you at the dairy barn across the road.
Pongo Oh thank goodness. Perdy! Perdy! This way Perdy! The dairy barn across the road.
Perdita C’mon kids.
Pongo It’s not far. C’mon, this way. Follow the Collie.
Cows Just look Queenie. Have you ever seen so many puppies?
Oh aren’t they adorable!
Perfectly darling.
The poor dears. They’re completely worn out and half frozen
Perdita They all here Pongo?
Pongo Yes dear. All 99 accounted for.
Cow The famous Pongos. We were so worried about you.
Collie Been trying to reach you. Afraid you’ve been captured.
Cows How did you make it all this way? And in such dreadful weather.
With all those little ones.
Rolly I’m hungry mother. I’m hungry.
Puppies I’m hungry too mother. Mother, we’re hungry. We’re all hungry.
Perdita I’m sorry children
Cow Do they like warm milk? It’s fresh
Perdita Oh!
Rolly Where is it?
Puppy Where is the milk?
Cow Come and get it, kids. It’s on the house.
Perdita This way children. Around this way. Now, don’t crowd. You’ll have to take turns. Rolly wait your turn dear.
Cow Don’t worry kids. There’s plenty for all. Oooh! The little darlings.
Collie Pongo, a few scraps I saved for you and the missus.
Pongo Oh, thank you.
Collie It’s not much but it might hold you as far as Dinsford.
Pongo Huh? Dinsford?
Collie There’s a Labrador there. His pet is a grocer.
Pongo yawning Oh I--- I’m terrible sorry.
Collie Quite all right, quite all right. Get some rest and don’t worry I’ll be standing watch.
Perdita I don’t know what we’d have done if…
Cows We’re very honored to be of service.
We’re sorry we can’t do more.
Anyone who would think of hurting theses dear little puppies
Shh! Duchess!
They’re so dear. I wish they could stay with us for always.
Princess, shhh. Quiet everyone. Let them sleep, the poor things. They’re so exhausted and they have such a long way to go.
Next morning. They cross a road. A car is approaching. It’s Cruella.
Pongo Hurry kids, hurry! He tries to disguise their tracks
Cruella Well now, what have we here? Well… so they thought they could outwit Cruella. Ha ha ha ha! Jasper! Horace! Here’s their tracks heading for the village!
Jasper Blimey! It’s them, all right.
Cruella Work your way south on the side roads. I’ll take the main road. See you in Dinsford.
Dinsford. Labrador’s barking and waiting for the Pongos.
Labrador Pongo, I’ve got a ride home for you.
Pongo A ride home? Perdy, did you hear that?
Perdita For all of us?
Puppy You mean, we don’t have to walk any more?
Labrador Yes, if we can manage it. We’d better hurry.
Perdita We’ve got a ride home! C’mon children.
Labrador See the van down the street? It’s going to London as soon as the engine’s repaired and there’s room for all of you.
Perdita Pongo! There’s Cruella!
Pongo Yes… and Jasper and Horace.
Perdita Pongo, how will we get to the van?
Pongo I don’t know, Perdy but somehow we’ve got to.
Lucky Mother, dad, Patch pushed me in the fireplace.
Patch Lucky pushed me first.
Lucky Did not!
Patch Did too!
Lucky Did not!
Patch Did too!
Lucky Did not!
Perdita Please, children, don’t quarrel.
Pongo Say….! Perdy I’ve got an idea he rolls in soot
Perdita Pongo! What on earth….
Pongo Look, I’m a Labrador! We’ll all roll in soot. We’ll be Labradors!
Labrador Say, That’s an idea!
Pongo C’mon kids! Roll in the soot!
Puppies You mean, you want us to get dirty?
Did you hear that, Freckles? Dad wants us to get dirty.
Mother, should we?
Perdita Do as your father says.
Puppies This’ll be fun.
I’ll always wanted to get good and dirty.
Pongo That’s the stuff. The blacker the better!
Puppies I’m ready!
Me too!
How’s this Dad?
Pongo Wait! That’s enough. Not too many at a time. Uh-oh. Rolly, hold on. You’re only half done.
Labrador And now stay right with me, kids.
Puppies We’re gonna fool the ol’ mad lady.
Perdita Pongo… I’m so afraid.
Horace seeing the “black” dogs Oh Jasper, do you suppose they disguised themselves?
Jasper sarcastically Say now, Horace. That’s just what they did. Dogs is always painting themselves black! You idiot!
Pongo Well, so far so good. C’mon, Perdy. Better get on your makeup. I’ll go ahead with the next bunch.
Cruella Jasper! Horace! Well?
Jasper Be reasonable, miss.
Horace We’re froze to our bones.
Jasper We’re been out all night and all day, with nothin’ to eat.
Cruella They’re somewhere in this village, and we’re going to find them. Now get going!
Pongo Do you think they’ve seen us?
Labrador No, but we’re running out of time.
Man Try ‘er again, mate.
Pongo Hurry Perdy. The van’s about ready to leave.
Labrador Better hurry.
Pongo I’ll get the rest
Man That ought to do. She’ll get you back to London.
Labrador Better get aboard, miss.
Horace Hey Jasper they try to open the door
Jasper C’mon Horace.
Pongo Hurry kids! C’mon kids. Run on ahead.
Puppy She’s watching us, Dad.
Pongo Keep going. Keep going.
Cruella It can’t be! It’s impossible!
Labrador Run for it! Hey have been discovered
Cruella Jasper! Horace! Jasper! There they go… in the van! After them! After them!
Perdita Pongo! There she is… Cruella!
Cruella drives like the maniac she is, trying to force the furniture van off the road. The efforts of the Baduns to help her succeed only in creating a huge smash-up between their truck and her car.
Driver Hey, lady! What in thunder are you trying to do? Crazy woman driver!
Perdita Pongo! Look!
Horace Jasper!
Jasper Ain’t nothin’ to it. I’ll give him a nudge and shove him in the dirt.
Pongo Perdy, watch out!
Horace Jasper!
Jasper Horace! they crash
Cruella You idiots! You fools! sobbing You imbeciles!
Jasper Oh, shut up!
London. Radcliffs home. They are mourning the loss not only the puppies but now also of the two adult Dalmatians. But then there is the sound of barking from without. Pongo, Perdita and 99 puppies burst into the room, and a delighted pair of Radcliffs determine to keep all of them.
Radio You’ve seen her kind of eyes
Watchin’ you from
Underneath a rock
Cruella de Vil
Cruella de…
Anita Roger, after all that’s your first big hit. It’s made more money than we ever dreamed of.
Roger Yes, I know. I still can’t believe…. That Pongo and Perdita would run away.
Nanny Here’s a bit of Christmas cheer for you. If there’s anything to be cheerful about sobbing Oh those dear little things. Sometimes, at night, I can hear them barking, but it always turns out I’m dreaming they hear real barkings .
Anita Roger, what on earth…
Roger They’re Labradors!
Nanny No, no, they’re covered with soot. Look, here’s Lucky!
Roger Pongo boy, is that you? Ph Pongo, Pongo! Ho ho, it’s Pongo!
Anita And Perdy, my darling!
Nanny And Patch, and Rolly, and Penny and Freckles. They’re all here, the little dears.
Roger It’s a miracle!
Anita What a wonderful Christmas present!
Nanny And look! … there’s a whole lot more!
Roger Look Anita, puppies everywhere!
Anita There must be 100 of them!
Nanny One, two, three and four is seven. Eight, nine continues counting
Roger Two, four, six and three is nine plus two is eleven.
Nanny Thirty six and eleven that’s forty seven!
Anita Fourteen, eighteen Roger!
Roger That’s sixty five!
Nanny Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen!
Anita Wait a minute, wait a minute, six more.
Roger Let’s see, that’s 84 and fifteen plus two…. One hundred and one!
Anita One hundred and one? Where did they all come from?
Roger Oh Pongo, you old rascal!
Anita What will we do with them?
Roger We’ll keep ‘em.
Anita In this little house?
Roger We’ll buy a big place in the country. We’ll have a plantation… a Dalmatian plantation.
Anita Oh, Roger, that’s truly an inspiration.
Nanny It’ll be a sensation!
Roger We’ll have a Dalmatian plantation. A Dalmatian plantation, I say.

We'll have a Dalmatian plantation
where our population
can roam
Rolly I'm hungry mother
our whole aggregation will
love our plantation home
Pongo Woo-woo-woo-woo
Perdita oo-oo-oo
Dalmatian plantation home