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Script Typed by typed by Cristina SŠnchez Arteaga of Wilfried's Disney Database

Color coding for characters

Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael & John
Hook, Smee & Pirates
Other characters

Non dialogue elements are underlined italic written

Off singing voiceThe second star to the right
shines in the night for you
to tell you that the dreams you plan
really can come true

The second star to the right
shines with a light so rare
and if it's Never Land you need
it's light will lead you there

Twinkle, twinkle little star
so we'll know where you are
gleaming in the skies above
lead us to the land
we dream of

And when our journey is through
each time we say good night
we'll thank the little star that shines
the second star from the right.
All this has happened before, and it will all happen again,, but this time it happened in London. It happened in a quiet street in Bloomsbury. That corner house over there is the home of the Darling family and Peter Pan chose this particular house because there were people here who believed in him. There was Mrs. Darling.
Mrs. DarlingHumming George, dear, do hurry. We mustnít be late for the party, you know.
Mrs, Darling believed that Peter Pan was the spirit of youth but Mr. DarlingÖ
Mr. DarlingMary, unless I find my cuff links we donít go to the party. And if we donít go to the party I can never show my face in the office again.. And if I can never show--- groans
Well, Mr. Darling was a practical man. The boys, however, John and Michael, believed Peter Pan was a real person and made him the hero of all their nursery games.
JohnBlast you, Peter Pan!
MichaelTake that! Give up, Captain Hook? Give up?
JohnNever! Iíll teach you to cut off me hand!
Wendychuckling Oh, no, John. It was the left hand.
JohnOh, yes. Thank you Wendy
Wendy, the eldest, not only believed, she was the supreme authority on Peter Pan and all his marvellous adventures
WendyOh, Nana, must we always take that nasty tonic?
Nana, the nursemaid, being a dog kept her opinions to herself and viewed the whole affair with a certain tolerance
MichaelTake that!
JohnInsolent boy, Iíll slash you to ribbons!
MichaelAnd Iíll cut you to pieces! Aha!
JohnOuch! grunting Careful, Michael, my glasses!
MichaelIím sorry, John.
JohnAh, youíll never leave this ship alive.
MichaelOh yes, I will. Take that!
JohnScuttle me bones, boy, Iíll slit your gizzard!
MichaelOh, no, you wonít! Back! Back! Back, you villain!
JohnInsolent pup!
MichaelWicked pirate!
JohnAha! I got you!
MichaelYou didnít either. You never touched me! Take that! And that! And that!
Johngroaning Ouch!
Mr. DarlingBoys, boys, less noise, please.
JohnOh, hello father.
MichaelYou old bilge rat
Mr. Darling Wha- wha-what? Now, see here, Michael.
JohnOh, not you, father. You see, heís Peter Pan.
MichaelAnd Johnís Captain Hook.
Mr. DarlingYes, yes, of course. Have you seen my cuff links? Oh, Nana, for goodness sake! Where are those cuff links?
JohnCuff links, father?
Mr. DarlingYes, the gold ones.
Johnwhispering to Michael Michael, the buried treasure, where is it?
MichaelI donít know.
JohnThe map thenÖ Whereís the treasure map?
MichaelIt got lost
Mr. DarlingGood heavens! My shirt front!
MichaelHurray! You found it! You found it!
Mr. DarlingYes, so I have. And hereafterÖ Donít paw me Michael! This is my last cleanÖ he sees the lost map No. No!
Mrs. DarlingGeorge, dear, we really must hurry, or weíll be late.
Mr. DarlingMary, look!
Mrs. DarlingGeorge!
MichaelItís only chalk, father.
Mrs. DarlingWhy, MichaelÖ
JohnItís not his fault. Itís in the story. And Wendy saidÖ
Mr. DarlingWendy? Story? I might have known Wendy. Wendy!
WendyYes, father?
Mr. DarlingWould you kindly expl--
WendyOh, mother, you look simply lovely!
Mrs. DarlingThank you dear.
Mr. DarlingWendy---
Mrs. DarlingJust my old gown made over but it did turn out right. And I---
Mr. DarlingMary, if you donít mind, IídÖ
WendyWhy, father, what have you done to your shirt?
Mr. DarlingWhat have I---- screams
Mrs. DarlingNow, George, really. It comes right off.
Mr. DarlingThatís no excuse. Wendy, havenít I warned you? Stuffing the boysí heads with a lot of silly stories.
WendyOh, but they arenít!
Mr. DarlingI say they are! Captain Crook, Peter PirateÖ
WendyPeter Pan, father.
Mr. DarlingPan, pirate, poppycock!
ChildrenOh no, father.
Father have you ever----
You donít understand.
Mr. DarlingAbsolute poppycock!. And let me tell you, this ridiculousÖ
Mrs. DarlingNow, George.
Mr. DarlingNow, George. Now George. Well, now George will have his say!
Mrs. DarlingPlease, dear.
Mr. DarlingMary, the childís growing up. Itís high time she had a room of her own.
Mrs. DarlingGeorge!
Mr. DarlingI mean it! Young lady, this is your last night in the nursery!. And thatís my last word on the matter! No! No!
Mrs. Darling & ChildrenOh! Poor Nana!
Mr. DarlingPoor Nana? This is the last straw! Out! Out I say!
MichaelNo, father, no.
Mr. DarlingYes! Thereíll be no more dogs for nursemaids in this house!
MichaelGoodbye, Nana.
Mr. Darlingsarcastically Poor Nana. Oh, yes, poor Nana. But poor father? Oh, no. Blast it! Where is that rope? Nana herself gives it to him Oh, thank you.. Dash it all, Nana. D-Donít loot at me like that. Itís nothing personal. Itís just that--- Well, youíre not really a nurse at all YouíreÖ. Well, a dog. And the children arenít puppies, theyíre people. And sooner or later, Nana, people have to grow up.
WendyBut, mother, I donít want to grow up.
Mrs. DarlingNow, dear. Donít worry about it any more tonight.
JohnHe called Peter Pan ďabsolute poppycockĒ.
Mrs. DarlingIím sure he didnít mean it, John. Father was just upset.
Michaelsniffling Poor Nana, out there all alone.
Mrs. DarlingNo more tears, Michael. Itís a warm night. Sheíll be all right.
Mrs. Darling What is it dear?
MichaelBuried treasure.
Mrs. DarlingNow, children, donít judge your father too harshly. After all, he really loves you very much.
WendyOh donít lock it, mother. He might come back
Mrs. DarlingHe?
WendyYes. Peter Pan. You see, I found something that belongs to him.
Mrs. DarlingOh, and whatís that?
Wendyyawning His shadow.
Mrs. DarlingShadow?
Wendymm-hmm. Nana had it, but I-I took it away.
Mrs. DarlingOh? Yes, of course. Good night, dear. A moment after Mr. And Mrs. Darling left the house, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell flew in the room. They were searching por Peter Panís lost shadow But George, do you think the children will be safe without Nana.
Mr. DarlingSafe? Of course, theyíll be safe. Why not?
Mrs. DarlingWell, Wendy said something about a shadow, and IÖ
Mr. DarlingShadow? Whose shadow?
Mrs. DarlingPeter Panís.
Mr. DarlingOh, Peter Pa--- Peter Pan! You donít say. High voice Goodness gracious, whatever shall we do?
Mrs. DarlingBut George, really I---
Mr. DarlingSound the alarm! Call Scotland Yard
Mrs. DarlingThere must have been someone-
Mr. DarlingOh Mary, of all the impossible childish fiddle-faddle, Peter Pan, indeed. How can we expect the children grow up and be practicalÖ
Mrs. DarlingGeorge, dear.
Mr. DarlingWhen youíre as bad as they are? No wonder Wendy gets these idiotic ideas.
The children are sleeping, and Peter Pan and Tinker Bell enter in the room searching the lost shadow, but they make enough noise to wake them.
Peter PanOver there Tink, in its den. Is it there? Must be here somewhere. we hear a music box Tink! Stop playing and help me find my shadow. Shadow? Shadow? Tink has just discovered the shadow Huh? when he opens the drawer his shadow escapes but Tink fells inside Aha!
WendyPeter Pan! Oh, Peter, I knew youíd come back! I saved your shadow for you. Oh I do hope it isnít rumpled. You know, you look exactly the way I thought you would. Oh, a litter taller perhaps. But thenÖ laughing You canít stick it on with soap, Peter. It needs sewing. Thatís the proper way to do it. Although, come to think of it, Iíve never thought about it before. Sewing shadows, I mean. Of course, I knew it was your shadow the minute I saw it. And I said to myself, ďIíll put it away for him until he comes back. Heís sure to come backĒ. And you did, didnít you, Peter? After all, one canít leave his shadow lying aboutÖ and not miss it sooner or later, donít you agree? But what I still donít understand is how Nana got it in the first place. She really isnítÖ Oh, sit down. It wonít take long. She really isnít vicious, you know. Sheís a wonderful nurse, although father says---
Peter PanGirls talk too much.
Wendylaughing Yes, girls talk too--- Hmmm? Oh.
Peter PanWell, get on with it, girl.
WendyMy name is Wendy, Wendy Moira Angela Darling.
Peter PanWendyís enough.
WendyOh. But how did Nana get your shadow, Peter?
Peter PanJumped at me, the other night at the window.
WendyWhat were you doing there?
Peter PanI came to listen to the stories.
WendyMy stories? But theyíre all about you.
Peter PanOf course. Thatís why I like Ďem. I tell Ďem to the Lost Boys.
WendyThe Lost B--- Oh I remember. Theyíre your men.
Peter PanUh-huh.
WendyIím so glad you came back tonight. I might never have seen you.
Peter PanWhy?
WendyBecause I have to grow up tomorrow.
Peter PanGrow up?
WendyTonightís my last night in the nursery.
Peter PanBut that means no more stories.
WendySniffling Mm-Hmm
Peter PanNo! I wonít have it! Come on.
WendyBut where are we going?
Peter PanTo Never Land.
WendyNever Land!
Peter PanYouíll never grow up there.
WendyOh, Peter, it would be so wonderful. But wait! What would mother say?
Peter PanMother? Whatís a mother?
WendyWhy, Peter, a motherís someoneÖwho loves and cares for you and tells you stories---
Peter PanGood! You can be our mother. Come on.
WendyNow, just a minute, IÖ, let me see now, I have to pack. Oh, and I must leave a note when Iíll be back. Of course, I couldnít stay too long. And then I have to--- Oh Never Land. Oh, I-Iím so happy, IíI think Iíll give you a-a kiss.
Peter PanWhatís a-a kiss?
WendyOh, well, I-Iíll show you. Oh! screaming because Tinker Bell strikes her by her hair
Peter PanStop! Stop it, Tink!
MichaelJohn! John, wake up! Heís here!
JohnHuh? Jiminy!
WendyOh, what in the world was that?
Peter PanTinker Bell. Donít know what got into her.
MichaelHello, Peter Pan, Iím Michael.
John My name is John. How do you do?
Peter PanHello!
MichaelOh look! A firefly.
WendyA pixie?
John Amazing.
MichaelWhatís the pixie doing?
Peter PanTalking.
WendyWhat did she say?
Peter PanShe says youíre a big, ugly girl.
WendyOh. Well, I think sheís lovely.
Peter PanWell, come on, Wendy. Letís go.
MichaelWhere are we going?
WendyTo Never Land.
MichaelNever Land!
WendyPeterís taking us.
Peter PanUs?
WendyOf course, I-I couldnít go without Michael and John.
John Oh, I should like very much to cross swords with some real buccaneers.
MichaelYes and fight pirates too.
Peter Panchuckling Well, all right, but you gotta take orders.
John Aye, aye, sir.
MichaelMe too.
WendyBut Peter, how do we get to Never Land?
Peter PanFly, of course
Peter PanIt's easy, all you have to do is to, is to... it's to... Huh! that's funny
WendyWhat's the matter, don't you know?
Peter PanOh sure, it's, it's just that I never thought about it before. Say, that's it! Think of a wonderful thought
John & WendyAny happy little thought?
Peter PanUh-huh
WendyLike toys at Christmas?
John Sleigh bells? snow?
Peter PanYup. Watch me now. Here I go! It's easier than pie
WendyHe can fly!
John He can fly!
MichaelHe flewed
Peter PanNow, you try
WendyI'll think of a mermaid lagoon... underneath a magic moon
John I'll think I'm in a pirate's cave
MichaelI think I'll be an Injun brave
Peter PanNow, everybody try
AllOne, two, three
ChildrenWe can fly!, we can fly!, we can fly!
Peter PanThis won't do. What's the matter with you? All it takes is faith and trust, oh! and something I forgot: dust
Peter PanYup, just a little bit of pixie dust. Now, think of the happiest things, it's the same as having wings
WendyLet's all try it just once more
John Look! we're rising off the floor
WendyOh, my! We can fly!
Peter PanYou can fly!
ChildrenWe can fly!
Peter PanCome on everybody, here we go! off to Never Land!

Think of a wonderful thought
any merry little thought
Think of Christmas, think of snow
think of sleigh bells- off you go!
like reindeer in the sky
you can fly! you can fly! you can fly!

Think of the happiest things
it's the same as having wings
take the path that moonbeams make
if the moon is still awake
you'll see him with his eye
you can fly! you can fly! you can fly!

Up you go with a heigh and Go to the
stars beyond the blue
there's a Never Land waiting for you
where all your happy
dreams come true
every dream that you dream
will come true
MichaelCome on, Nana! He takes some of the pixie dust to Nana

When there's a smile in your heart
there's no better time to start
think of all the joy you'll find
when you leave the world behind
and bid your cares good-bye
you can fly! you can fly! you can fly!
Peter PanThere it is Wendy, second star to the right and straight on till morning
When there's a smile in your heart
there's no better time to start
think of all the joy you'll find
when you leave the world behind
and bid your cares good-bye
you can fly! you can fly! you can fly!
you can fly! you can fly! you can fly!
you can fly! you can fly! you can fly!
you can fly! you can fly! you can fly!

We see Never Land Island and hear a piratesí song.
PiratesOh a pirate's life
is a wonderful life
a-rovin' over the sea
give me a career
as a buccaneer
it's the life
of a pirate for me
Oh, the life
of a pirate for me

Oh, a pirate's life
is a wonderful life
they never bury your bones
for when it's all over
a jolly sea rover
drops in on his friend
Davey Jones

Oh, my good friendDavey Jones
SmeeMy good friend, Davey Jones. Good morning, shipmates
Pirate 1And what's good about it, Mr. Smee?
Pirate 2Here we are collecting barnacles on this miserable island
Pirate 3While his nibs plays ring-around-the rosy with Peter Pan.
SmeeLook out there! Might go off!
Pirate 4We ought to be tending to the business of looting ships.
Pirate 5Why, Iíve almost forgotten how to slit a throat.
Pirate 6Better drop it, and tell the captain we wants to put to sea, see? Pirates laughing and chattering
HookBlast that peter Pan. If I could only find his hideout, Iíd trap him in his lair. studying a map But where is it? Mermaid Lagoon? No, weíve searched that. Weíve combed Cannibal Cove. Here! No, no, no, no. Thatís Indian territ--- But wait. Those redskins know this island better than I do me own ship. Ah, I wonder.
Smeechuckling Good morning, Captain.
HookIíve got it! Tiger Lily, Smee!
SmeeT-T-Tiger Lily, Captain?
HookThe chiefís daughter. Sheíll know where Pan is hiding.
SmeeB-B-But-But will she talk Captain?
HookOh, a little persuasion might be in order.. Now let me see. Boiling in oil? Uh, keelhauling? Marooning?
PirateOh, a pirateís life
Is a wonderful life
Youíll find adventure and sport
But live every minute
For all that is in it
The life of a pirate is short
Oh, the lifeÖ gunshot, singing stops and water splashes
HookNow let me see, where was I?
SmeeOh dear, dear, dear Captain Hook. Shooting a man in the middle of his cadenza? chuckling It ainít good form, you know.
SmeeGood form, Mr. Smee? Blast good form! Did Pan show good form when he did this to me?
SmeeWhy, Captain, cutting your hand off was only a childish prank you might say.
HookAye, but throwing it to that crocodile! That cursed beast liked the taste of me so well heís followed me ever since licking his chops for the rest of me.
SmeeAnd heís have had you by now, Captain, if he hadnít swallowed that alarm clock. But now when heísabout, he warns you, as you might say with his tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock we can hear now that tick-tock
Hook Smee! Oh, save me, Smee! Please donít let him get me, Smee! Please! Donít let him get me, Smee! Smee!
SmeeHere now, shame on ya, upsetting the poor captain. Thereíll be no handouts today. Shoo now, shoo. Go on, go on. Off with ya, I say. Go away. Go away, out of here.
Hook Is he gone, Smee?
SmeeAye, Captain. All clear. Nothing to worry about.
Hook Oh, Smee, Smee. I canít stand it any longer. I tell you I canít.
SmeeNow, now, now, Captain, just relax. What you need is a shave, a nice soothing shave. There now.
Oh, a pirateís life
Is a wonderful life
a-sailing over the seas
give me a career as a buc-
Captain, you know, I canít help noticing you just ainít been your usual jolly self of late
Give a career as a buccaneer
And the crewís gettingí a might uneasy, Captain. That is, whatís left of it. Hmm. Now why donít we put to sea, see? Leave Never Land. Forget Peter Pan. There now. he has been shaving a seagull
Give me a career as a buccaneer
Weíll all be a lot happier, not to mention a lot healthier. Oh! Captain? Oh dear! I never shaved him this close before. Now donít worry Captain. It must be somewhere about.
HookGet up, you idiot!
SmeeAye, aye, sir! Ooh! I found it, Captain! Good as new.
Hook Why, you blithering blockhead!
PiratePeter Pan ahoy!
Hook What? What? Where away?
PirateThree points off the starboard bow!
Hook Swoggle me eyes, it is Pan! Headed this way with some more of those scurvy brats! Mr. Smee, pipe up the crew!
SmeeAye, aye, sir! Pipe up the crew! Pipe up the crew! All hands on deck! lows whistle All hands on deck! All hands on deck!
Hook Look alive, you swabs! Weíve got him this time, Mr. Smee.
SmeeThat we have Captain.
Hook Man the Long Tom, you bilge rats! Iíve waited years for this.
SmeeThatís not counting the holidays either.
Hook Double the powder and shorten the fuse!
SmeeDouble the powder and double the fuse.
Hook A pretty sight Mr. Smee. Like sitting ducks. All right, men! Range: 42!
SmeeRange: 42
Hook Elevation: 65!
SmeeElevation: 65.
HookThree degrees west!
SmeeThree degrees west.
HookSteady now! steady!
WendyOh, Peter, itís just as Iíve always dreamed it would be! Oh, look, john, thereís Mermaid Lagoon.
John By Jove! And the Indian encampment!
MichaelOh look, thereís Captain Hook and the pirates. Cannon explodes
Peter PanLook out! Quick, Tink! Take Wendy and the boys to the island. Iíll stay here and draw Hookís fire. whistles Hook! Hook, you codfish! Here!
WendyTinker Bell! Not so fast, Tinker Bell! Please Tinker Bell! We canít keep up with you! Tinker Bell! Wait! Please!
Tinker zooms down through the trees to a hollow stump that was the entrance to the secret underground room where the Lost Boys live. She tells them that Peter want them to attack the ďWendy birdĒ
Lost BoysOuch! So!
Who ya shoviní?
Who ya shoviní?
You, thatís who!
Huh? Orders from Pan? Hold it, men!
Whatís the orders, Tink?
A terrible what?
Wendy bird.
Wendy bird?
Flying this way?
Uh, Panís orders are--- What? Smash it?
Kick it?
Stomp it? Oh shoot it down!
Shoot it down!
Yeah, shoot it down!
Yeah shoot it down!
Come on! Follow Tink!
Follow Tink!
Letís go!
Yeah, come on! Letís go! Weíre gonna get her!
Shh! I see it!
Me too! Me too!
ReadyÖ aimÖ Fire!
Peter arrives in time to save Wendyís life and learning of Tinker Bellís wickedness banishes her.
WendyOh, Peter! You saved my life!
MichaelAre you hurted, Wendy?
WendyNo Michael.
John Good heavens, Wendy. You might have been killed.
Lost BoysHey Pan! Hey Pan! We followed your orders, Pan! Hey, Pan!
I got it with my skull musket!
You did not! We did!
Yeah, we did!
I did it, Pan!
I did!
Peter PanAttention! Well, Iím certainly proud of youÖ you blockheads! I bring you a mother to tell you storiesÖ
Lost BoysA mother?
Peter PanAnd you shoot her down!
Lost BoyWell, Tink said it was a bird!
Peter PanTink said what?
Lost BoyWell, she said you said to shoot it down
Peter PanTinker Bell. Tink! Come here. Youíre charged with high treason, Tink. Are you guilty or not guilty? Guilty? Donít you know you might have killed her? Tinker BellÖ I hereby banish you forever.
WendyPlease, not forever!
Peter PanWell, for a week then. Come on, Wendy, Iíll show you the island.
WendyOh, Peter! The mermaids?
Lost BoysAw, letís go huntiní.
Nah, bears.
Nah, bears
JohnPersonally, I should prefer to see the aborigines.
Michaeland the Indians too.
Peter PanAll right, men, go out and capture a few Indians. John, you be the leader
JohnI shall try to be worthy of my post. Forward march!
MichaelCome on, bear
WendyOh Michael do be careful!
Peter PanCome on Wendy, I'll show you the mermaids
Peter and Wendy flew off to Mermaid lagoon while John and Michael joined the Lost Boys to fight the Indians.

Following the leader, the leader
the leader
we're following the leader
wherever he may go
tee dum, tee dee, a teedle ee
do tee day
tee dum, tee dee, it's part
of the game we play
tee dum, tee dee, the words
are easy to say
just a teedle ee dum a teedle
ee do tee day
Tee dum, tee dee, a teedle ee
do tee dum
we're one for all and all of us
are for fun
we march, we laugh, and follow
the other one
with a teedle ee do a teedle ee
do tee dum

Following the leader, the leader
the leader
we're following the leader
wherever he may go
we're out to fight the Injuns
the Injuns, the Injuns
we're out to fight the Injuns
because he told us so

Tee dum, tee dee, a teedle ee
do tee day
we march along and these
are words we say
tee dum, tee dee, a teedle
deedle dee day
oh, a teedle ee dum, a teedle
ee do tee day
oh, a teedle ee dum, a teedle
ee do tee day
JohnIndians! Ah! Blackfoot tribe. Belongs to the Algonquian group. Quite savage, you know.
Lost BoysUh, letís go get Ďem!
Come on! Weíll get Ďem!
JohnGentlemen, gentlemen! First we must plan our strategy.
Lost Boy Uh, whatís a ďstradegyĒ?
JohnA plan of attack. The initial phase is an encircling manoeuvre. Michael finds a feather and an axe. He notices that a tree is following him. Then he sees an Indian feet
MichaelJohn! Indians! Indians! Let me in! Now they are surrendered by Trees
JohnNow, remember, the Indian is cunning---
John---but not intelligent. Therefore, we simply surround them and take them by surprise. All of them have been captured by the Indians whose Chief accuses them of having abducted his daughter, Tiger Lily Iím frightfully sorry, old chaps. Itís all my fault.
Lost BoysAw, thatís all right, Wildcat.
No, we donít mind
Thatís okay.
Lost BoysUh, h-how, Chief
How, Chief
ChiefFor many moons, red man fight paleface Lost Boys.
Lost BoysUgh!
ChiefSometime you win. Sometime we win.
Lost BoyOkay Chief. Uh, you win this time. Now turn us loose.
JohnTurn us loose? You mean this is only a game?
Lost BoysSure. When we win, we turn them loose.
When they win, they turn us loose.
They turn us loose.
ChiefThis time no turnum loose.
Lost BoysHuh?
chuckling The Chiefís a great spoofer.
ChiefMe no spoofum! Where you hide Princess Tiger Lily?
Lost BoysUh, Tiger Lily?
We ainít got your old princess!
JohnIíve certainly never seen her.
Lost BoysMe neither.
Honest, we donít.
ChiefHeap big lie. If Tiger Lily not back by sunset, burnum at stake.
At mermaid Lagoon.
WendyJust imagine. Real, live mermaids!
Peter PanWould ou like to meet them?
WendyOh, Peer, Iíd love to!
Peter PanAll right. Come on.
MermaidsItís Peter!
Oh! Hello Peter!
Hello Peter!
Hello Peter! Hello!
Hello, Peter!
Peter PanHello girls!
MermaidsIím so glad to see you.
Why did you stay away so long? Did you miss me?
Tell us one of your adventures.
Something exciting.
Peter PanWant to hear about the time I cut off Hookís hand and threw it to the crocodile?
MermaidsOh, Iíve always liked that one.
Me too!
Peter PanThere I was on Maroonersí Roch surrounded by 40Ö
WendyOh Peter!
Peter Pan---or 50 pirates---
MermaidWhoís she?
Peter PanHuh? Her? Oh, Thatís Wendy.
MermaidsA girl?
Whatís she doing here?
And in her nightdress too!
To Wendy Come on dearie, join us for a swim.
WendyOh, please! Iím not dressed for---
MermaidsOh, but you must!
We insist!
WendyNo, no, please!
MermaidToo good for us, eh?
WendyPeter! Peter and the mermaids laugh on her, but now sheís furious andÖ If you dare to come near me againÖ
Peter PanWendy! Wendy! They were just having a little fun. Werenít you, girls?
MermaidsThatís all.
We were only trying to drown her.
Peter PanYou see?
WendyWell, if you think for one minute that Iím going to put up with anyÖ
But Peter, suddenly, hears something in the distance. Leaping upon a rock that hung out over the sea he looks down and sees in a core beneath him a boat from the pirate ship.
Peter PanShh. Hold it, Wendy. Yup, itís Hook, all right. At that dread name the mermaids plunged into the lagoon and disappeared
Peter PanQuick, Wendy! whispering Theyíve captured Tiger Lily. Looks like theyíre headiní for Skull Rock. Come on, Wendy. Letís see what theyíre up to.
Skull Rock. Hook and Smee have tied Tiger Lily until either she tells them the location of Peterís hideout or she drowns.
HookNow, my dear princess, this is me proposition. You tell me the hiding place of Peter Pan, and I shall set you free.
Peter PanYou dog.
WendyPoor Tiger Lily.
HookAm I not a man of me word, Mr. Smee?
SmeeYes. A-Always, Captain. Heís crossing his fingers
HookYouíd better talk, my dear. For soon the tide will be in and then it will be too late.
Peter PanIíll show the old codfish. Stay here, Wendy, and watch the fun.
HookRemember, there is no path through water to the happy hunting ground. This is your last chance, Tiger Lily!
Peter Panimitating Indian voice Manatoa, great spirit of mighty sea water, speak. Beware, Captain hook. Beware! echoing Beware!
HookDid you hear that, Smee?
SmeeItís an evil spirit, Captain.
HookStand by, Smee, while I take a look around. Spirit of the great sea water, is it?
Peter PanPsst. Wendy. Watch this. Imitating Hookís voice Mr. Smee!
SmeeUh, yes, Captain?
Peter Panas Hook Release the princess and take her back to her people.
SmeeAye, aye, sir. Release the Princ--- But--- But Captain---
Peter Panas Hook Those are me orders, Mr. Smee!
SmeeAye, aye, sir. At last Captain Hookís coming to his senses.
HookOddís fish!
SmeeI told him all along you Indians wouldnít betray, Peter Pan.
HookAnd just what do you think you are doing, Mr. Smee?
SmeeJust what you told me, Captain. Carrying out your orders.
HookMy orders?
SmeeWhy, yes, Captain. Didnít you just say to go---
HookPut her back, you blithering idiot! My orders. Of all the bumbling---
Peter Panas Hook. Now this time the own Hook hears ďhis voiceĒ Mr. Smee. Just exactly what do you think you are doing?
SmeePutting her back, like you said, Captain.
Peter Panas Hook I said nothing of the sort.
SmeeOh, b-but, Captain-
Peter Panas Hook For the last time, Mr. Smee, take the princess back to her people. louding Understand? echoing Understand?
SmeeAye, aye, sir.
Peter Panas Hook Oh, and one more thing. When you return to the ship, tell the whole crew--- Hook has discovered the trick to help themselves to me best rum.
Wendygasps Peter!
HookHereís your spirit, Smee!
SmeeWhy, itís Peter Pan.
HookScurvy brat!
Peter PanThank you, Captain.
HookCome down, boy, if youíve a taste for cold steel!
Peter PanWatch this, Wendy.
WendyOh, Peter, do be careful.
Peter PanTry your luck, Mr. Smee? he gives him a gun
HookLet him have it! Well, come on, you idiot! Blast him.
Peter PanRight here, Mr. Smee!
HookHold it, you fool! No! No! Smee fires and Hook looses his balance
WendyOh, how dreadful.
Peter PanWhat a pity Mr. Smee. Iím afraid weíve lost the dear Captain. heís alive and tries to kill Peter Pan by the back
Peter PanIn the back, Captain?
SmeeGive it to him, Captain! Cleave him to the brisket!
Hookgroans Iíve got you this time, Pan.
Peter PanWell, well. A codfish on a hook.
HookIíll get you for this, Pan, if itís the last thing I do!
Peter Panhearing the ticking I say, Captain, do you hear something?
HookNo! Oh! No! the crocodile sees its time to taste again Hookís flesh
Peter PanMr. Crocodile, do you like codfish? You do?
WendyOh, Peter, no.
SmeeDonít go away, Captain! Stay right there now, sir! Iíll save you, sir!
HookSmee! Ow!
SmeeCaptain! Captain!
HookSmee! Smee! he falls into the crocodileís mouth
SmeeGive him back!
HookSmee! Row for the ship! Row for the ship--- Smee! he narrowly escapes chased by the crocodile
WendyPeter! What about Tiger Lily?
Peter PanTiger Lily? Oh! Tiger Lily!
Tiger LilyHelp! Peter Pan rescues her in the very last moment
WendyPeter, wait for me!
Hookís ship
Hooksniffling That cursed Peter Pan. Making a fool out of me. Oh! My head!
PirateOh, a pirateís life
Is a wonderful life
Your hot water, Mr. Smee.
SmeeShhh! The poor captain has a splitting headache. We musnít annoy him. he has been hammering a note in which we read ďQuiet. Do not disturbeĒ. Without noticing Hookís presense, he starts hamming again andÖ he finds captainís head instead off the door Well, Captain, itís nice to see you smiling again chuckling Brings back the good old days when we was leading an healthy, normal life: scuttling ships, cutting throats. Oh, Captain, why donít we put to sea again? You know, thereís trouble brewiní on the island. Women trouble. I wouldnít want this to go any further,but the cook told me that the first mate told him that he heard that Pan has banished Tinker Bell.
Hookscreaming Why, you doddering imbecile, I--- Did you say Pan has banished Tinker Bell?
SmeeAye, aye, captain, yes.
HookBut why?
SmeeOn account of Wendy, Captain. Tink tried to do her in, she did. Tinkís terrible jealous.
HookWell, well.
SmeeThatís why we ought to leave, Captain. This ainít no place for a respectable pirate.
HookThatís it, Smee! Thatís it!
SmeeIím glad you agrees, Captain.
HookQuick, me coat, me best dress coat.
SmeeAye aye sir. The sooner we gets going, the better.
HookAh, yes, a jealous female can be tricked into anything. My case of hooks!
SmeeAye, aye, sir. Here you are, sir. Your Sunday set, sir.
HookIf we impress the pixie, convince her weíre eager to help her, the wench may chart our course to a certain hiding place.
SmeeOur best hiding place is the Spanish Main, sir. Iíll set our course--- gasps
HookAnd where do you think you are going?
SmeeTo tell the boys we sail with the tide, sir.
HookYou will go ashore, pick up Tinker Bell and bring her to me. loudly Understand?
SmeeAye, aye, sir.
Learning that Peter has banished Tinker Bell, Hook sends Smee out to capture her. He wants to persuade her that he has decided to leave the island; however, being generous of spirit, he would like to take Wendy with him, so that Peter and Tink may be happy together once more. The pixie foolishly believing his promises, tells him and is promptly imprisoned in the shipís lantern.

Indian camp. Peter having saved Tiger Lily is the Indianís hero, but Hook has further plans.
Peter PanHow.
WendyWhatís the Chief doing, John?
JohnHeís delivering an oration in sign language.
MichaelWhatís he saying?
JohnHe says ďPeter Pan mighty warrior. Save Tiger Lily. Make big chief heap gladĒ
WendyWell, he certainly doesnít look ďheap gladĒ chuckles
ChiefMake Peter Pan heap big chief. You now Little Flying Eagle. Peter whoopes
Lost BoysFlying Eagle! Flying Eagle!
WendyOh, how wonderful!
ChiefTeachum paleface brother all about the red man.
JohnGood. This should be most enlightening.
Lost BoysUh, what makes the red man red?
When did he first say "Ugh"?
First "Ugh"?
MichaelWhy does he ask you, "How"?
ChiefWhy does he ask you, "How"?
IndiansHana Mana Ganda
why does he ask you how?
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Once the Injun
didn't know all the things
that he know now
but the Injun
he sure learn a lot
and it's all from asking how

Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
We translate for you
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana means what
Mana means and
Ganda means that too

Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Indian Womanto Wendy Squaw no dance
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Indian WomanTo Wendy Squaw gettum firewood
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda

Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda

When did he first say "Ugh"?

Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda

When did he first say "Ugh"?

Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
In the Injun book it say
when first brave married squaw
he gave out with heap big ugh when he saw
his mother-in-law

Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda

What made the red man red
what made the red man red
let's go back a million years
to the very first Indian prince

he kiss a maid
and start to blush
and we've all been blushin'since

Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda

Now, you've got it right from the hed man
the real true story of the red man
no matter what's been written or said

Hana Mana Ganda
Now you know why
now you know why
the red man's red
MichaelSquaw takum papoose. Wa-oo!
Indian WomanSquaw gettum firewood
WendySquaw no gettum firewood. Squaw go home
Tinker Bell is looking at the Indians camp from the distance. Sheís captured by Smee.
SmeeBegging your pardon, Miss Bell, but Captain hook would like a word with you.
Pirateís ship. Hook pays the piano in Tinkerís honour.
HookYes, Miss Bell, Captain Hook admits defeat. Tomorrow I leave the island, never to return.
SmeeIím glad to hear that. Captain. hiccups Iíll tell the crew and--- hiccups
HookAnd thatís why I asked you over, me dear, to tell Peter I bear him no ill will. Oh, Pan has his faults to be sure. Bringing that Wendy to the island, for instance. Dangerous business that. Why, rumour has it that already she has come between you and Peter. But whatís this? Tears? Then it is true. Oh, Smee, the way of a man with a maid. Taking the best years of her life and then casting her asideÖ like an old glove!
SmeeAinít it a bloominí hiccups shame?
HookBut we mustnít judge Peter too harshly, me dear. Itís that Wendy whoís to blame. Mr. Smee, we must save the lad from himself! But how? Weíve so little time. We sail in the morning. Sail! Thatís it, Smee! Weíll shanghai Wendy!
SmeeShanghai Wendy, Captain?
HookTake her to sea with us. With her gone, peter will soon forget this mad infatuation. Come Smee. We must leave immediately, surround Peterís home---
SmeeBut Captain, we donít know where Peter Pan lives.
HookGreat Scott, youíre right Smee! Whatís that, my dear? You could show us the way? Why I never thought of that. Take this down, Smee.
SmeeTake this down, Smee. Aye Captain.
HookTinker Bell is showing him the way to Peterís hideout Start at Pegleg Point.
SmeeStart at Pegleg Point.
HookForty paces west to Blindmanís Bluff.
SmeeBlind manís Bluff.
HookYes, yes. Hop, skip and jump across Crocodile Creek. Then north by northeast one, two, three--- harshly Well, get on with it--- sweetly Continue, my dear. I mustnít harm Peter? Madam, Captain hook gives his word not to lay a fingerÖor a hook on peter Pan. Tinker marks an ďXĒ in the map Ah, Hangmanís tree. So thatís the entrance to his hiding place. Thank you me dear. Youíve been most helpful.
Hangmanís Tree
Lost Boys, John and MichaelHana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Whatís man the red man red
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
Peter PanBig chief Flying Eagle greets his braves. How.
Lost BoysHow chief.
Peter PanBig chief greets little mother. How.
Peter PanOh Wendy, is that all you have to say? Everyone else thinks Iím wonderful.
WendyEspecially Tiger Lily
Peter PanTiger Lily?
WendyJohn. Michael they continue whooping Take off that war paint and get ready for bed.
MichaelBrave no sleep. Go for days without sleep.
WendyBut boys, weíre going home in the morning.
John Home?
MichaelOh, Wendy, we donít want to go home.
Peter PanNo go home. Stay many moons. Have heap big time.
WendyNow Peter, letís stop pretending and be practical.
Peter PanChief Flying Eagle has spoken.
WendyOh for goodness sake. Please, boys. Do you want to stay here and grow up like-like savages?
MichaelOf course.
WendyBut you canít. you need a mother. We all do.
MichaelArenít you our mother, Wendy?
WendyWhy, Michael, of course, not! Surely you havenít forgotten our real mother.
MichaelDid she have silky ears and wear a fur coat?
WendyOh no, Michael. That was Nana.
Lost BoysI think I had a mother once.
What was she like?
What was she like?
I forget.
I had a white rat.
Thatís no mother!
WendyNo, no, boys. Please. Iíll tell you what a mother is.
Lost BoysYeah tell us.
Tell us. Please Wendy.
WendyWell, a mother, a real mother is the most wonderful person in the world. She's the angel voice... that bids you good night, kisses you cheek, whispers "sleep tight"

Your mother and mine
your mother and mine
the helping hand that guides you along
whether you're right
whether you're wrong

Your mother and mine
your mother and mine
what makes mothers
all that they are
might as well ask what makes a star

Ask your heart
to tell you her worth
your heart will say
Heaven on Earth
another word for divine
your mother and mine
MichaelI wanna see my mother
WendyYes, Michael
JohnI propose we leave for home at once.
Lost BoysCould I go too, Wendy?
Me too, Wendy!
I wanna go!
WendyAll right boys. All right. Iím sure mother would be glad to have you. Uh, that is if Peter doesnít mind.
Peter PanGo on! Go back and grow up! But Iím warning you, once youíre grown-up you can never come back. Never.
WendyOh, dear.
JohnWell, men, shall we be off?
AllYeah, come on! Letís go!
Peter PanTheyíll be back.
WendyPeter? Goodbye, Peter.
Wendy has persuaded her brothers that it is time to go home. Unfortunately, as they emerge from their hideout, they are seized by the pirates. Only Peter remains safe below ground but hook and Smee lower to him a bomb disguised as a present from Wendy.
HookAll right men, take them away. And now Smee, to take care of Master Peter Pan
SmeeBut Captain, wouldnít it be more human-like to slit his throat?
HookAye, that it would, Mr. Smee. But I have given me word not to lay a fingerÖ or a hook on Peter Pan. And Captain Hook never breaks a promise.
Pirateís ship. Hook tries to persuade his captives to become pirates; all of them are tempted except Wendy who maintains that Peter Pan will save them.
PiratesYo ho, yo-ho
so try the life of a thief
just sample the life of a crook
there isn't a boy
who won't enjoy
a-workin' for Captain Hook
the world's most famous crook
SmeeCrook, crook
crickety, crockety
crickety, crook
the croc is after Captain---
HookA special offer of today
I'll tell you
what I'll do
all those who sign
without delay
will get a free tattoo
Why, it's like money in the bank
come on, join up
and I'll be frank
unless you do
you'll walk the plank
the choice is up to you
PiratesThe choice is up to you
Yo ho, yo ho, yo ho, yo ho, yo ho
You'll love the life of a thief
you'll relish the life of a crook
there's barrels of fun for everyone
and you'll get treasures by the ton

So come and sign the book
join up with Captain Hook
BoysHey, I wanna join!
Me too, boy!
WendyBoys! Arenít you ashamed of yourselves?
JohnBut captain hook is most insistent, Wendy.
Lost BoyYeah, he says weíll walk the plankÖ if we donít!
WendyOh, no, we wonít. Peter Pan will save us.
HookPeter Pan will save them, Smee laughing
SmeePeter Pan will save them laughing too Oh, Captain!
HookBut a thousand pardons, my dear. I donít believe you are in on our little joke. You see, we left a present for Peter
SmeeA sort of surprise package, you might say.
HookWhy, I can see our little friend at this very moment, reading the tender inscription:
Peter PanTo Peter with love from Wendy. Do not open till 6 oíclock. Uh. I wonder whatís in it.
HookCould he but see within the package, ho, he would find an ingenious little device
SmeeSet so that when the clock is like this---
HookPeter Pan will be blasted out of Never Land forever!
WendyNo! Pirates laugh while Tinker Bell, who has been listening every word, tries to escape from the lantern and helps Peter
HookBut time grows short. We have but 18 seconds, 15 seconds, 13 secondsÖ
Peter Pan12 seconds. Well, I guess I can open it now. Tink arrives in the very last second Hi, Tink. Look what Wendy left. Hey, stop that! Stop it! Whatís the matter with you? Hook? A bomb? Donít be ridiculous! Alarm ringing. Tink takes out the packageÖ
HookAnd so passeth a worthy opponent.
Peter PanHook! It was a bomb! Why, if it hadnít been for Tink--- Tinker Bell! Tink? Tinker Bell? tinkling Where are you, Tink? Tink? Tinker Bell! Tink. Are you all right? tinkling Wendy? The boys? But I gotta to save you first! Hold on, Tink! Hold on! Donít go out. Donít you understand, Tink? You mean more to me than anything in this whole world!
Hook And now, which will it be? The pen or the plank?
WendyCaptain Hook, we will never join your crew.
Hook As you wish. Ladies first, me dear.
WendyGoodbye boys.
BoysGoodbye, Wendy.
WendyBe brave, John.
John I shall strive to, Wendy.
WendyGoodbye Michael.
PiratesCome on!
Get on over there!
Donít give us no trouble!
Go on, go on!
Get it over with!
Move along!
MichaelWendy, Wendy! She jumps but thereís not a splash
SmeeCaptain, no splash.
Hook Not a sound.
PiratesNot a bloominí ripple
Itís a jinx, thatís what it is!
No splash!
No sign of the wench
Did you hear a splash?
Iím telling you, mates, itís a bad day.
Mark me words. Weíll all play for this.
The shipís bewitched.
No splash, Captain.
We see that Peter has arrived in time to save Wendy and the boys.
HookSo you want a splash, Mr. Starkey? Iíll give you a splash! Whoís next?
Peter PanYouíre next, Hook! This time youíve gone too far!
BoysPeter Pan! Peter Pan!
MichaelAnd Wendy!
HookIt canít be.
SmeeItís his blinkiní ghost whatís talkiní
Peter PanSay your prayers, Hook!
HookIíll show you this ghost has blood in his veins. Iíll run him through! Oooh! Take that! Curse this hook!
Peter Panfree the boys Come on, everybody!
JohnHurry, Michael, hurry!
HookDonít stand there, you bilge rats! Get those scurvy brats! After the brats, men! This is no mere boy. ĎTis some fiend fighting me. A flying devil!
JohnHold your fire. Steady, men. Steady
PirateCut Ďem with our irons!
PiratesCrack that bloominí sky!
Let me at Ďem!
John Down, you blackguard!
Boys Michael!
Yes, Bear killer!
Hurray for Bear Killer!
HookFly, fly, fly! You coward!
Peter PanCoward? Me?
HookYou wouldnít dare to fight old Hook man-to-man. Youíd fly away like a cowardly sparrow!
Peter PanNobody calls Pan a coward and lives! Iíll fight you man-to man with one hand behind my back!
HookYou mean you wonít fly?
WendyNo, no, Peter! Itís a trick!
Peter PanI give my word, Hook.
HookGood. Then letís have at it! Now! Insolent youth, prepare to die!
WendyFly! Fly, Peter! Fly!
Peter PanNo! I gave my word. Youíre mine, Hook!
MichaelCleave him to the brisket.
HookYou wouldnít do old Hook in now, would you, lad? Iíll go away forever. Iíll do anything you say.
Peter PanWell, all right, if you say youíre a codfish.
HookIím a codfish.
Peter PanLouder!
Hookscreaming Iím a codfish!
AllHurray! Hook is a codfish, a codfish, a codfish! Hook is a codfish, a codfish,a codfish!
Peter PanAll right Hook, youíre free to go and never return.
WendyPeter! Hook tries to kill Peter in the back but he loose balance and falls to the water, where the crocodile is waiting for him patiently
HookSmee! Smee! Smee! Smee!
SmeeCaptain! Captain! Captain!
The Captain ends up in the water swimming for dear life from the eagerly snapping jaws of the crocodile.
AllHooray! Hooray for Captain Pan!
Peter PanAll right, you swabs! Aloft with ya! Weíre castiní off! Heave those halyards!
WendyBut-but, peter--- oh, that is, Captain Pan.
Peter PanAt your service, madam.
WendyCould you tell me sir, where weíre sailing?
Peter PanTo London, madam.
WendyOh, Peter! Michael! John! Weíre going home!
Peter PanMan the capstan! Hoist anchor! Pixie dust!
Itís eleven in the evening. Nanaís barking and the Darlings have just arrived home. They find Wendyís bed unslept-in but the girl herself in there. She tells all about their adventures with Peter Pan and points out to her parents the silhouette of Hookís ship against the moon.
Mrs. DarlingGeorge, Iím so glad you changed your mind about Wendy. After all, sheís still a child.
Mr. Darling Pshaw, Mary. You know I never mean those things. Do I, Nana?
Mrs. DarlingOh! Wendy! Wendy! What on earth are you doing there?
Wendyyawns Hmm? Oh, mother, weíre back!
Mr. DarlingBack?
WendyAll except the Lost Boys. They werenít quite ready.
Mr. DarlingLost boy---? Ready?
WendyTo grow up. Thatís why they went back to Never Land.
Mr. DarlingNever Land?
WendyYes. But I am.
Mr. DarlingAm?
WendyReady to grow up.
Mr. DarlingOh, oh! Well, my dear, all in good time. After all, perhaps we were---
WendyOh, but, mother, it was a such a wonderful adventure!
Mr. Darling too---
WendyTinker Bell and the mermaids and Peter Pan! Oh, he was the most wonderful of all! Why, why, even when we were kidnapped, I---
Mr. DarlingKidnapped?
WendyMm-hmm. I knew Peter Pan would save us, and he did. And we all call him a codfish! laughing Uh, Captain Hook, I mean. And then we sailed away on a ship in the sky.
Mr. DarlingHmm. Mary, Iím going to bed.
WendyOh mother, he really is wonderful, isnít he? See how well he sails the ship?
Mrs. DarlingGeorge. George!
Mr. DarlingNow what, Mary? gasps Nana, d-did you see--- You know, I have the strangest feelingÖ that Iíve seen that ship before, a long time ago when I was very young.
Mrs. DarlingGeorge, dear.
Off singing voiceWhen there's a smile in your heart
there's no better time to start
think of all the joy you'll find
when you leave the world behind
and bid your cares good-bye
you can fly! you can fly! you can fly!