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Script Typed by typed by Cristina Sánchez Arteaga of Wilfried's Disney Database

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Appears a book in which we can read: ROBIN HOOD and the story begins…

Long ago, good King Richard of England departed for the holy land on a great crusade. During his absence, Prince John, his greedy and treacherous brother, usurped the crown. Robin hood was the people’s only hope. He robbed from the rich to feed the poor. He was beloved by all the people of England. Robin and his merry men hid in Sherwood Forest to elude the Sheriff of Nottingham…
the reading is interrupted by Allan -A-Dale
Allan-A-DaleYa know. There’s been a heap of legends and tall tales about Robin Hood, all different too. Well, we folks of the animal kingdom have our own version. It’s the story of what really happened in Sherwood Forest. Alan starts whistling meanwhile in the screen all the actors are going be introduced Incidentally, I’m Allan-A-Dale, a minstrel. That’s an early folk singer, and my job is to tell it like it is... or was... or whatever...

Robin Hood and Little John
Walkin’ through the forest
Laughin’ back and forth at what the
Other’ne has to say
Reminiscin’ this ‘n that ‘n havin’
Such a good time
Oo-de-lally, hoo-de-lally, golly
What a day!

Never ever thinkin’ there was
Danger in the water
They were drinkin’, they just
Guzzled it down
Never dreamin’ that a schemin’
Sheriff and his posse
Was a watchin’ them and
Gatherin’ around

Robin Hood and Little John
Runnin’ through the forest
Jumpin’ fences, dodgin’ trees
And tryin’ to get away
Contemplatin’ nothin’ but escape
And fin’ly makin’ it
Oo-de-lally, hoo-de-lally, golly
What a day!
Oo-de-lally, hoo-de-lally, golly
What a day!
Little JohnYou know somethin’, Robin? You’re taking too many chances.
Robin HoodChances! You must be joking! That was just a bit of a lark Little John.
Little JohnYeah? Take a look at your hat. Robin finds an arrow has impaled it That’s not a candle on a cake.
Robin HoodHello, this one almost had my name on it, didn’t it? They’re getting better, you know. You’ve got to admit it, they are getting better.
Little JohnUh, yeah. The next time, that sheriff will probably have a rope around our necks. Ugh! Pretty hard to laugh hanging there, Rob.
Robin HoodThe Sheriff and his whole posse couldn’t lift you off the ground, and en garde! He throws the arrow to Little John
Little JohnHey watch out Rob, that’s the only hat I’ve got.
Robin HoodOh, come along. You worry too much old boy.
Little JohnYou know something, Robin? I was just wondering, are we good guys or bad guys? You know, I mean, out robbing the rich to feed the poor…
Robin HoodRob? That’s a naughty word. We never rob; we just sort of borrow a bit from those who can afford it.
Little JohnBorrow! Boy, are we in debt.
Bugle sounds
Robin HoodHa, ha. That sounds like another collection day for the poor, eh, Johnny boy?
Little JohnYeah. Sweet charity!
It’s the royal entourage, and Prince John is in the carriage. With him is his chief adviser, Sir Hiss. Between the two of them they have put a heavy burden of taxes on the poor people. They are making their way through Sherwood Forest on the way to Nottingham to tax the people there
Prince JohnTaxes! Taxes! Beautiful, lovely taxes! Aha! Aha!
Sir HissSire, you have an absolute skill for encouraging contributions from the poor.
Prince JohnTo coin a phrase dear counsellor, rob the poor to feed the rich Am I right? Tell me, what’s the next stop, sir Hiss?
Sir HissLet me see… Reading a map Ooh. The next stop is Nottingham, Sire.
Prince JohnOh, the richest plum of them all. Notting-ha-ha-ham the crown is too big for his head
Sir HissA perfect fit, Sire. Most becoming. You look regal, dignified, sincere, masterful, noble, chivalry…
Prince JohnDon’t overdo it, Hiss. There. That, I believe, does it. This crown gives me a feeling of power. Power! Forgive me a cruel chuckle. Ha, ha, ha, ha! Power, mmm.
Sir HissHow well King Richard’s crown sits on your noble brow
Prince JohnDoesn’t it? Angrily King Richard? I’ve told you never to mention my brother’s name!
Sir HissA mere slip of the forked tongue, Majesty. We’re in this plot together, if you don’t mind my saying so, and remember it was your idea I hypnotized him…
Prince JohnI know, and sent him off on that crazy crusade. Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Sir HissMuch to the sorrow of the Queen Mother.
Prince Johncrying Mother! Mother always did like Richard best he sucks one of his fingers while with the other hand takes the ear
Sir HissYour Highness, please, don’t do that. If you don’t mind my saying so, you see, you have a very loud thumb. Hypnotism can rid you of your psychosis-s-s -s-s-o-o-o-o- e-e-easily.
Prince JohnNo! None of that!
Sir HissI was only trying to help.
Prince JohnI wonder. Silly serpent.
Sir HissSilly serpent?
Prince JohnLook here. One more, one more hiss out of you…uhh… Hiss, and you are walking to Nottingham.
Sir Hissto himself Snakes don’t walk. They slither. Humph, so there.
Robin and Little John quickly slipped into disguises as gypsies fortune tellers and run ahead to the side of the road
Little JohnWhat a bad luck. It’s only a circus. A peanut operation.
Robin HoodPeanuts, says you? Dunce, that’s the royal coach! It’s Prince John himself.
Little JohnThe Prince? Wait a minute! There’s a law against robbing royalty. I’ll catch you later.
Robin HoodWhat? And miss this chance to perform before royalty?
Little JohnAh! Here we go again.
Prince John stops his convoy and permits Robin Hood and Little John to kiss his hands, during which process large quantities of finger-jewellery disappear. Sir Hiss spots this, but the King silences his protests.
Robin HoodOo-da-lolly, oo-da-lolly! Fortune tellers!
Little JohnFortunes forecast! Lucky charms!
Robin HoodGet the dope with your horoscope!
Prince JohnFortune tellers! How droll! Stop the coach.
Sir HissSire, Sire, they may be bandits.
Prince JohnOh, poppycock. Female bandits? What next? Rubbish! To Robin and Little John disguised as gypsies My dear ladies, you have my permission to kiss the royal hands… whichever you like, first Robin and Little John see only the jewels in them
Robin HoodMmm. Oh how gracious! And generous he steals one of the rings
Sir HissSire, sire, did you see what they…
Prince JohnStop hissing in my ear. Meanwhile Little John kiss the other hand and takes with him the jewels
Sir HissG-g-g-gee…
Prince JohnAah! Hiss! Oh, you’ve hissed your last… hiss. Suspicious snake.
Robin HoodMasterfully done, Your Excellency. Now close your eyes and concentrate. Close your eyes. Tight shut. No peeking, Sire. Ooh! From the mists of time, come forth, spirits. Yoo-hoo!
Little Johnoutside Little John is preparing the trick of the crystal ball Ok, little fireflies. Glow, babies, glow!
Robin HoodWe’re waiting! Ahh-ohh! Look Sire. Look.
Prince JohnAh! Incredible! Floating spirits!
Robin HoodAh. Oh…naughty, naughty. You mustn’t touch.
Prince JohnOh, you struck the royal hand.
Robin HoodShhh! You’ll break the spell. Gaze into the crystal ball. Oo-da-lolly. Oo-da-lolly... Oh! A face appears... A crown is on his noble brow.
Prince JohnOo-da-lolly he sees himself A crown! How exciting!
Robin HoodHis face is handsome, regal, majestic… lovable, a cuddly face.
Prince JohnHandsome, regal, majestic…lovable. Yes, yes. Cuddly. Ha ha ha. That’s me to a “T”, clearly is. And then, Robin tries to catch one of the taxes bags, but Sir Hiss stops him
Robin HoodOoh! Uh…
Prince JohnNow what?
Robin Hoodchuckling Why, uh… I see, um… your illustrious name…
Prince JohnI know my name! Get on with it!
Robin HoodYour name will go down… down… down… He tries to get out Sir Hiss’ tail the money bag in history, of course.
Prince JohnI knew it! You hear that, Hiss? Oh you can’t… He’s in the basket. Don’t forget it.
Outside, Little John sees that the wheels’ hub caps are made of gold…
Little JohnHmm. What have we here? Solid gold hub caps. He robs them Oo-da-lolly. The jackpot! He makes a hole in the bottom of the box and all the coins are putting in his dress. But when Robin and Little John run away in different ways they bump
Prince JohnRobbed! I’ve been robbed! Hiss, you’re never around when I need you! Sir Hiss goes out of the basket I’ve been robbed.
Sir HissOf course you’ve been robbed
Robin HoodOo-da-lolly! Oo-da-lolly!
Little JohnFortunes forecast. Lucky charms.
Prince JohnAfter them, you fools! The entourage run after them, but the wheels have been robbed also, and Prince John falls on the ground No, no, no, no!
Sir HissI knew it, I knew it! I just knew this would happen. I warned you, but you wouldn’t listen. Ah, ah, ah. Seeing that Prince John is going to use the mirror he tries to warn him seven years bad… He breaks the mirror on Sir Hiss’ head luck. That’s what it is. Besides, you broke your mother’s mirror.
Prince JohnOhh, Mommy! He sucks his thumb as a baby I’ve got a dirty thumb.
Nottingham. Prince John was furious upon discovering that he had been tricked, and when he arrived at Nottingham he wanted revenge. Rewards were posted for the capture of the thieves, but of course, the pair remained free.
Allan-A-DaleWell even Prince John offered a reward for the capture of Robin Hood that sure rogue kept on robbing the rich to feed the poor, and blame me if it’s a good thing he did, ‘cause the taxes on all the poor folks of Nottingham were starving to death. Uh-oh. Here comes old bad news himself… the Honourable Sheriff of Nottingham.
SheriffEvery town
Has its taxes too
And the taxes is due
Doo dee doo doo doo
Well, lookie there. Friar Tuck, the old do-gooder. He’s out doing good again.
OttoWell, good morning, Friar Tuck.
Friar TuckShhhh. For you, Otto, from Robin Hood.
OttoOh, God bless Robin Hood.
SheriffDoo da doo doo doo knocking the door
Friar TuckIt’s the Sheriff! Hurry. Hide it, quick!
SheriffHere I come, ready or not! Well, greetings from your friendly neighbourhood tax collector
OttoOh, take it easy on me Sheriff. What with this busted leg, you know, I-I’m way behind in me work, Sheriff.
SheriffI know, but you’re way behind with your taxes too.
Friar TuckOH, have a heart, Sheriff! Can’t you see he’s laid up? Come on, Otto, it’s better sit down and rest.
OttoOh thank you again while he walks we can hear coins jingling
SheriffLet me give you a hand with that leg. Oh. Upsy-daisy. Bingo! What they won’t think of next he hits the foot
OttoOoooh! Ooooh!
SheriffIt smarts, don’t it? I know, but Prince John says taxes should hurt.
Friar TuckNow see here, you-you evil, flint hearted---
SheriffNow, now, now. Save your sermon, preacher. It ain’t Sunday, you know.
Doo da doo doo doo
They call me a slob
But I do my job
Doo da doo doo doo
He arrives at Rabbit’s home, where they are in a birthday party
Rabbits Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Skippy He receives his gift
SheriffHappy birthday to you.
Well, sonny, that box is done up right pretty, ain’t it?
SkippyWell, Mr. Sheriff, sir, it’s my birthday present, sir.
SheriffIt sure is. Why, don’t you open it?
SkippyOh boy! One whole farthing! The Sheriff takes it first
Mother RabbitHave you no heart? We all scrimped and saved to give it to him.
SheriffNow, that’s mighty thoughty of you, wider-woman. The family that saves together, pays together. Skippy is crying Oh now, don’t take it so hard, sonny. Prince John wishes you a happy birthday too.
A blind beggar appears at the home begging for alms
Robin Hoodas a blind Alms, alms, alms for the poor
SheriffHmmm. Well…. The Sheriff swipes his meagre collection too So far, it’s been a cheerful morning. Keep saving!
Mother RabbitWhat a dirty trick! You poor old man. Do come in. Come in and rest yourself.
Robin HoodThank you kindly, mother. Thank you. Tell me now, did me old ears hear someone singing a birthday ditty?
Skippycrying Yes sir. And that mean old Sheriff took my birthday present.
Robin HoodThere, there, now. Be a stout hearted lad. Don’t let it get you down the beggar reveals himself as Robin hood, and gives Skippy a bow-and-arrow and a Robin Hood hat for his birthday
SkippyGee! It’s Robin Hood!
Robin HoodHappy birthday son!
SisOh, he’s so handsome. Just like his reward posters.
Robin HoodTell me young man, how old are you today?
SkippyGosh! I’m seven years old going to eight.
Robin HoodSeven? Well, that makes you man of the house, and I’ve got just the right present for you,
SkippyFor me? Gee, thanks, Mr. Robin Hood, sir. Hey, how do I look?
TagalongNot much like Mr. Robin Hood.
Robin HoodShe’s right. There is something missing. Of course! There you go.
SkippyOh boy! Now how do I look?
Sislaughing The hat’s too big.
Mother RabbitShhh. Mind your manners.
Tagalongimitating her mother Yes. Mind your mattles.
Robin HoodHa, ha. Don’t worry. You’ll grow into it, young man.
SkippyI’m going to try it out.
TagalongGoodbye Mr. Robin Hood. Come again, on my birthday.
Mother RabbitOh, you have made his birthday a wonderful one. How can I ever thank you?
Robin HoodI wish I could do more, he gives her a bag of money on general principles. Here. Now keep your chin up. Someday there’ll be happiness again in Nottingham. You’ll see.
Mother RabbitRobin Hood, you risk so much to keep our hopes alive. Bless you, bless you.
A bunch of kids -Skippy, Toby Turtle, Sis and Tagalong- are getting off to play with the bow-and-arrow. Skippy fires the arrow and it lands in the grounds of Nottingham Castle where Maid Marian and Lady Kluck are playing badminton.
TobyGee, Robin Hood really gave it to you?
SkippyYeah, and he gave me his hat too.
TobyHis hat too! May I shoot your bow?
TagalongLet me try Skippy.
SkippyOh no, you’re not, I’m shooting it first.
SisYour pointing too high.
SkippyI’m not either. Watch this.
TobyOh, oh. Now you done it.
SisRight in Prince John’s backyard.
TagalongSkippy you can’t go in there.
TobyYeah. Prince John will chop off your head. Like this.
SkippyI don’t care. I gotta get my arrow.
SisWait a minute. Toby might tattle on you.
SkippyYeah, Toby you got to take the oath.
TobyAn oath?
TagalongPut your hand on your heart and cross your eyes.
SkippySpiders, snakes and a lizard’s head…
TobySpiders, snakes and a lizard’s head…
SkippyIf I tattle-tale, I’ll die till I’m dead.
TobyIf I tattle-tale, I’ll die till I’m dead.
Lady KluckNow it’s your turn to serve, Marian dear.
Maid MarianAre you ready Lady Kluck?
Lady KluckOh, as your lady in waiting, I’m waiting. Ho, ho, ho. I’m getting too old for this.
Maid MarianOh, Klucky that was a good shoot.
Lady KluckNot bad yourself, dear. Oh, my girdle’s killing me
Maid MarianWhere is it?
Lady KluckIt must be in there someplace.
Maid MarianOh, Klucky you look so silly. Oh, look. There it is, behind you. Oh! She faces to Skippy Well, hello. Skippy is petrified Where did you come from?
SkippyPlease, don’t tell Prince John. Mama said he’ll chop off my head.
Maid MarianOh, don’t be afraid. You’re doing nothing wrong.
Lady KluckOh Marian, what a bonny wee bunny.
Maid MarianWho does this young archer remind you of?
Lady KluckOh! Well, upon my word! The notorious Robin Hood!
Maid MarianThat’s right. Only Robin Hood wears a hat like that.
Skippymore confident now Look at this keen Robin Hood bow.
Lady Kluckjoking Oh, Marian, don’t look around, but I do believe we’re surrounded. Oh mercy!
SisHe snitched on us.
Maid MarianIt’s all right children. Don’t be afraid, Come here.
Tobyto Sis Do you think it’s safe?
TagalongThat’s Maid Marian.
SisMama said she’s awful nice. Come on.
TagalongHey you guys. Not so fast. Wait for me.
SisI told Skippy was shooting too high.
Maid MarianI’m so very glad he did. Now I get to meet all of you.
TagalongGee, you’re very beautiful.
SisAre you gonna marry Robin Hood?
TagalongMama says you and Robin Hood are sweethearts.
Maid MarianWell… um…, you see, that was several years ago before I left for London
TobyDid he ever kiss you?
Maid MarianWell no, but he carved our initials on this tree. I remember it so well.
SkippyYou are going to have any kids?
TagalongMy mum has some kids.
Maid MarianOh, he’s probably forgotten all about me
SkippyOh not Robin Hood. I’ll bet he’ll storm the castle, fight the guards, rescue you and drag you off to Surest Forest.
Lady KluckNow, just a moment there, young man. You’ve forgotten Prince John.
SkippyPrince John don’t scare me none.
TobyI’m scared of Prince John. He’s cranky.
Lady KluckHeh, heh, heh using her racket as a sword I, Prince John, challenge you to a duel! Hey, hey Take that, and that, and this.
SkippyDeath to tyrants!
Lady KluckAch! Ach! Ach! “running for her live”
SisSlice him to pieces!
Maid MarianOh, save me, my hero! Save me!
Lady KluckOh! Ouch! That’s not fair! Mommy! She sucks her thumb as Prince John does
SisThat’s Prince John all right.
SkippyYahoo! Now I got you!
Lady KluckAch. Mercy, mercy. She takes the wooden sword and acts as if she was bounded Ugh. He got me. I’m dying.
Skippyworried Did I hurt you, huh?
Lady KluckNo, this is the part where you drag your lady fair off the Sherwood Forest.
SkippyCome on lady fair, let’s go.
Maid MarianOh, Robin! You’re so brave and impetuous. Oh, so this is Sherwood Forest.
SkippyYeah, I guess so. And now what will we do?
Maid MarianWell, usually, the hero gives his lady a kiss.
SkippyA kiss? Oh, that’s sissy stuff.
Maid MarianWell if you won’t then I will.
SisThey’re kissing Ha, ha, ha. Laughing Ah…
Maid Marian’s room. She is truly yearning for Robin Hood.
Lady KluckAh me. Young love. Oh it’s a grand thing.
Maid MarianOh Klucky, surely he’s not known how much I still love him.
Lady KluckBut of course, my dear. Believe me, someday soon your uncle King Richard will have an outlaw for an in-law.
Maid Marianlaughing Oh Klucky, but when?, when?
Lady KluckPatience, my dear, patience. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Maid Mariansadly Or forgetful. Oh, I’ve been away so long. What if he’s forgotten all about me?
Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood is cooking the meal, dreaming about her…
Robin HoodLa, da, di, da, da, da, di, da, dum
Da, da, hm, hm, hm, hm
Little JohnHey lover boy, how’s that grub coming? Man I’m starved.
Robin HoodHm, hm, hm, da, da, dee
Little JohnRob?
Robin HoodHm, hm, hm
Little JohnRobin?
Robin HoodHm, hm, hm
Little JohnRobaire. Hey!
Robin HoodWhat? What do you say?
Little JohnAh forget it. Your mind’s not on food. You’re thinking about somebody with long eyelashes. You’re smelling that sweet perfume.
Robin HoodHey, whoa, it’s boiling over.
Little JohnYou’re burning the chow!
Robin HoodSorry, Johnny. I was thinking about Maid Marian again. I can’t help it. I love her Johnny.
Little JohnHey look, why don’t you stop mooning and moping around? Just marry the girl.
Robin HoodMarry her? You don’t just walk up to a girl under a bookcase and say, “Remember me? We were kids together, will you marry me”? No it isn’t just done that way.
Little JohnOh, come on Robby. Climb the castle walls. Sweep her off her feet. Carry her off in style.
Robin HoodIt’s no use Johnny. As I told you it just wouldn’t work. Besides, what can I offer her?
Little JohnWell, for one, you can’t cook.
Robin HoodI’m serious. She’s a high born lady of quality.
Little JohnSo she’s got class, So what?
Robin HoodI’m an outlaw. That’s what. That’s no life for a lovely lady, always on the run. What kind of a future is that?
Friar TuckFor heaven’s sake, son. You’re not an outlaw. Why, someday you’ll be called a great hero.
Robin HoodA hero? Do you hear that Johnny? We’ve just been pardoned.
Little JohnHo, ho, that’s a gas. We ain’t been arrested yet.
Friar TuckAll right. Laugh you rogues, but there’s going to be a big to-do in Nottingham He tastes the “food” Well-done, ain’t it? Old Prince John’s having a championship archery tournament tomorrow.
Little JohnArchery tournament? Rob could win that standing on his head, eh Rob?
Robin HoodThank you Little John, but I’m sure we’re not invited.
Friar TuckNo, but there’s somebody who’ll be very disappointed if you don’t come.
Little JohnYeah. Old Bushel Britches--- the Honourable Sheriff of Nottingham.
Friar TuckNo. to Robin Maid Marian.
Robin HoodMaid Marian?
Friar TuckYeah. She’s going to give a kiss to the winner.
Robin HoodA kiss to the winner? Oo-de-lolly! Come on Johnny! What are we waiting for?
Little JohnWait a minute, Rob. That place will be crawling with soldiers.
Robin HoodAha! But remember, faint hearts never won fair lady. Fear not my friends. This will be my greatest performance.
Nottingham. Archery performance’s day. The archery tournament is a plot. Sir Hiss is intent on catching Robin Hood. The very best archers of England had come to this shooting match and they gathered in the great tent, inspecting their bows and arrows and talking of the good shots they had made in their day.
Prince JohnHiss, this is a red-letter day. A “coup d’etat” to coin a Norman phrase.
Sir HissYes, indeed, Sire. Your plan to capture Robin Hood in public is sheer genius. Hoo, hoo, hoo!
Prince JohnHiss, no one sits higher than the King. Must I remind you, Hiss? Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
Sir HissDo forgive me. I didn’t mean…
Prince JohnMy trap is baited and set. And then, revenge! Ah, revenge!
Sir HissShhh. Not so loud, Sire. Remember, only you and I know, and your s-s-secret is my s-s-secret.
Prince JohnStop hissing in my ear. Secret? What secret?
Sir HissThe capture of Robin Hood, Sire.
Prince JohnThat insolent blackguard. Ooh! I’ll show him who wears the Crown.
Sir HissI share your loathing, Sire. That scoundrel fooled you with that silly disguise, then robbed you, making you look utterly ridiculous.
Prince JohnEnough! Hiss, you deliberately dodged.
Sir HissBut, but--- but Sire… please.
Prince JohnStop snivelling and hold still.
Sir HissThank you Sire.
Maid MarianKlucky I’m so excited. But how will I recognize him?
Lady KluckUh, he’ll let you know somehow. That young rogue is full of surprises, my dear.
Robin HoodThere she is, Little John. Isn’t she beautiful?
Little JohnCool it, lover boy. Your heart’s running away with your head.
Robin HoodOh stop worrying. This disguise would fool my own mother.
Little JohnAha, but your mom ain’t here. You got to fool old Bushel Britches.
Robin HoodSheriff, Your Honour. Meetin’ you face to face is a real treat. A real treat.
SheriffWell, now thank you. Oh excuse me. I gotta go win this tournament.
Little JohnHey, Rob’s not a bad actor, but wait till he sees this scene. I lay on Prince John. Ah….me Lord, my esteemed Royal Sovereign of the Realm, the head man himself, you’re beautiful.
Prince JohnHa, ha. He has style, eh, Hiss? “Du savoir faire il y a n’est ce pas”, Hiss?
Little JohnTook the words from my mouth, P.J.
Prince JohnP.J.! I like that. You know I do. Hiss, put it on my luggage. P.J. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! P.J., yes.
Sir HissHumph! And you, who might you be, sir?
Little JohnI am Sir Reginald, Duke of Chutney. And don’t stick your tongue out at me, kid. And now, Your Mightiness, allow me to lay some protocol on you he’s going to kiss his hand but…
Prince JohnOh, no. Forgive me, but I lose more jewels that way. Please, sit down.
Little JohnThanks P.J. Nothing better than the royal box. Oh, hey! Hey, what’s this? Oh, excuse me buster
Sir HissBuster? You, sir, have taken my seat.
Prince JohnHiss, with you around, who needs a court jester? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Now get out there and sep your snake eyes open for you-know-who.
Sir HissYou--- you mean I--- I’m being dismissed?
Little JohnYou heard his Mightiness. Move it, creepy. Get lost. Be gone, long one.
Sir HissWhat cheek! Creepy. Buster. Long one! Who’s that duke think he is?
Allan-A-DaleHe’s up to something.
Friar TuckYeah. Come on.
Sir Hiss buys a balloon and floats skyward attached to it. Friar Tuck shoots Sir Hiss out of the skies by firing an arrow from a mandolin-string and stuffs him into a beer-barrel.
Robin HoodAh, Your Ladyship. I beg your pardon; it’s a great honour to shoot for the favour of a lovely lady like yourself. Hope I win the kiss.
Maid MarianOh! Well, thank you my thin-legged archer. I wish you luck whispering with all my heart.
Sir HissHmmmm. I wonder…
CrocodileYour Highness, with your Royal permission, we’re ready to begin.
Prince JohnProceed, Captain.
CrocodileThe Tournament of the Golden Arrow will now begin.
The archers start shooting; among them there’s Toby’s father.
TobyYay, dad.
PeopleWhen the Sheriff shoots…. Boo! Boo! Boo! And when the Stork -i.e. Robin- shoots… Yay! Yay! Yay!
Prince JohnA perfect bull’s-eye! Well, well.
Little JohnThat’s what you call pulling it back and letting it go, P.J.
Robin HoodI’m gonna win that golden arrow and present myself to the lovely Maid Marian…
SheriffListen Scissorsbill, if you shoot as good as you blabbermouth you’re better than Robin Hood.
Robin HoodRobin Hood, he says! Wow-wee! I’m tiptop, all right but I’m not as good as he is.
Little JohnHa, ha! That kid’s got class, ain’t he, P.J.?
Prince JohnIndeed, he has, Reggie. Ha, ha! Bravo! Bravo! Yes.
Robin HoodOh… by the way, I hear you’re having a little bit trouble getting your hands on that Robin Hood.
SheriffHe’s scared of me. Now I told you. He didn’t show up here today. I can spot him through them phoney disguises.
Sir HissIt’s him! It’s Robin Hood! I can’t wait till I tell His Majesty. Unhand me, you…. Please, please, I don’t drink.
CrocodileAttention everyone. The final contestants are… the Honourable Sheriff of Nottingham…
PeopleBoo! Boo! Boo!
Crocodileand the spindle-legged stork from Devonshire.
PeopleYay! Yay! Yay!
Prince JohnMy dear, I suspect you favour the gangly youth. Hm?
Maid MarianMe? Uh… Why, yes Sire. Well, at least he amuses me.
Prince JohnCoincidentally, my dear young lady, he amuses me, too. Ha, ha, ha, ha.
CrocodileFor the final shootout, move the target back 30 paces.
SheriffYou heard him, Nutsy. Keep going. Move it, you birdbrain whispering And remember what you’re supposed to do.
NutsyYes sir, Sheriff, sir. When the Sheriff shoots he jumps and the arrow is in the target’s centre
PeopleBoo! Boo! Boo!
SheriffWell, that shot wins the golden arrow, the kiss and the whole caboodle Although the Sheriff tries to fiddle the Stork, he fails…
PeopleYay! Yay! Yay!
Prince John makes a signal to the Captain and when the Stork goes confidentially up to the royal platform to receive his prize he’s captured.
Prince JohnArcher, I commend you, and because of your skill, you shall get what’s coming to you--- our royal congratulations.
Robin HoodOh, thank you kindly Your Highness. Meeting you face to face your High and Mighty is a real treat.
Prince JohnRelease the royal fingers. Aha. And now, I name you the winner, or more appropriately…Prince John tapps him on each shoulder with his sword, causing the disguise to fall away ha, ha… the loser. Seize him. I sentence you to sudden, instant, and even immediate death. The Sheriff and the executioner seized the outlaw and bound him with ropes. Marian pleads for his life in vain
Maid MarianOh no! Oh! Please. Please, Sire. I beg you to spare his life. Please, have mercy.
Prince JohnDear emotional lady, why should I?
Maid MarianBecause I love him, Your Highness.
Prince JohnLove him? And does this prisoner return your love?
Robin HoodMarian, my darling, I love you more than life itself.
Prince JohnAh, young love. Your pleas have not fallen upon a heart of stone, but traitors to the Crown must die!
Robin HoodThat crown belongs to King Richard. Long live King Richard!
PeopleLong live King Richard!
Prince JohnEnough! I am King! King! King! Off with his head!
Maid MarianOh no.
Prince JohnRobin’s friends are in despair when suddenly the Prince says Stop! Executioner, stop! Hold your axe!
Little JohnHe had quietly put his knife to Prince’s back and forces him to withdraw his orders Okay big show. Tell him to untie my buddy, or I’ll…
Prince JohnEeek! Sheriff, release my buddy--- I mean, release the prisoner.
SheriffUntie the prisoner?
Lady KluckYou heard what he said, Bushel Britches.
Prince JohnSheriff, I make the rules, and since I’m the headman-to Little John not so hard, you mean thing-Let him go! For heaven’s sakes, let him go!
Lady KluckYeehee! Love conquers all!
Robin HoodI owe my life to you, my darling.
Maid MarianI couldn’t have lived without you, Robin.
SheriffSomething funny’s going on here.
Little JohnNow P.J. tell Robin to kiss Maid Marian, or you’re my pin cushion
SheriffWhy, you…
Prince JohnKill him! Don’t stand there! Kill him! Robin, Little John and all his friends battle with Prince John and the royal guards. Prince John tries to kill Robin by the back… Don’t hurt me! Help! Help! he runs away and hides… Kill him!
Lady Kluckto Marian Run for it, lassie. This is no place for a lady and she fights also as a man Take that, you scoundrel!
Maid MarianHelp! Robin, Help!
Robin Hoodhe rescues her as a “Tarzan” Marian, madam, will you marry me?
Maid MarianDarling, I thought you’d never ask me. But you could’ve chosen a more romantic setting.
Robin HoodAnd for our honey-moon…. London
Maid MarianYes
Robin HoodNormady, sunny Spain!
Maid MarianWhy not?
Little JohnOh, what a main event this is. What a beautiful brawl. Hey, who’s driving this flying umbrella?
Robin HoodWe’ll have six children
Maid MarianSix?, oh a dozen at least Take that!
CrocodileAttention, everyone…
Prince JohnStop the girl! Ooh!
Lady KluckTake that, you scurvy knave!
Prince JohnSeize the fat one!
Lady KluckEeeh! Long live King Richard! Yahoo!
Prince JohnHiss, you’re never around when I need you.
Sir HissComing, coming… ha, ha.. For I’m jolly good fellow Hoo, hoo, hoo Oh there you are, old boy. P.J. you won’t believe this but the stork is really Robin Hood.
Prince JohnRobin Hood. Aah! Get out of that if you can.
Sherwood Forest. We see Robin and Marian in a romantic walk

it seems like only yesterday
you were just a child at play
now you’re all grown up inside of me
Oh, how fast those moments flee

Once we watched a lazy world go by
now the days seem to fly
Life is brief, but when it’s gone
Love goes on and on

Ooh, oh, oh, ooh
Ohhh, love will live
ooh, ooh
Love will last
Love goes on and on and on

Once we watched a lazy world go by
Now the days seem to fly
Life is brief, but when it’s gone
Love goes on and on
Maid MarianOh, Robin, what a beautiful night! I wish it would never end.
Friar TuckSurprise! Long live Robin hood! Hooray!
Church Male MouseAnd Long live Maid Marian
Church Female MouseBravo, bravo!
PeopleHear, hear! Bravo! Bravo! Hooray!
Lady KluckAnd down with that scurvy Prince John!
Little JohnYeah!
On the world will
sing of an English King
a thousand years from now
and not because
he passed some laws
or had that lofty brow
While bonny good King Richard leads
the great Crusade he’s on
we’ll all have to slave away
for that good-for-nothing John
as he is inept
whenever the history books are kept
they’ll call him
the phony King of England
Friar TuckA pox on the phony King of England
Little JohnHe sits alone
on a giant throne
pretending he’s the king
a little tyke
who is rather like
a puppet on a string
and he throws
an angry tantrum
if he cannot have his way
and then he calls from mum
while he’s sucking his thumb

You see, he doesn’t want to play

Too late to be known
as John the First
he’s sure be to be known
as John the Worst
a pox on that phony King of England

to Alan Lay that country on me, babe
Lady KluckCome on, Johnny. Go, laddie, go
Little JohnWhile he taxes us to pieces
and he robs us of our bread
King Richard’s crown keeps slipping down
around that pointed head
Ah, but while there is a merry man
in Robin’s wily pack
we’ll find a way
to make him pay
and steal our money back

A minute before
he knows we’re there
Old Rob’ll
snatch his underwear
PeopleHa, ha, ha. Yeah, Bravo, Bravo
Little JohnThe breezy and uneasy
King of England

The sniveling groveling
measly, weasly
blabberin’, jabberin’
gibberin’, jabberin’
plunderin’, plottin’
Wheelin’, dealin’
Prince John
that phony King of England
Prince John’s Castle.
SheriffHe throws an angry tantrum
If he cannot have his way
He calls for mum
And sucks his thumb
And doesn’t want to play
Too late to be known
As John the First
He’s sure to be known
As John the Worst
How about that?
Sir HissThat’s P.J. to a “T”. Let me try, let me try.
Hoo, hee, hoo
Too late to be known
As John the First
He’s sure to be known
As John the Worst---
Prince John opens the door and listens the song. Sir Hiss interrupts it trying to amend the situation
The fabulous, marvellous, merciful, chiv---
SheriffThat’s all wrong, Hiss.
The sniveling groveling
Prince Johnvery angry Enough!
SheriffBut Sire, it’s a big hit. The whole village is singing it.
Prince JohnOh, they are, are they? Well they’ll be singing a different tune. Double the taxes! Triple the taxes! Squeeze every last drop out of those insolent musical peasants!

Once again, an enraged Prince John punishes the people with taxes four times greater than before. Soon the prisions are filled with poor people, unable to pay.
Allan-A-DaleMan, oh, man. That Prince John sure made good his threat and his helpless subjects paid dearly for his humiliation. Believe me. Taxes, taxes, taxes. He taxed the heart and soul out of the poor people of Nottingham. If you couldn’t pay your taxes, you went to jail. Yep, I’m here, too. Nottingham was in deep trouble.
Every town
has its ups and downs
sometimes ups
outnumber the downs
but not in Nottingham
I’m inclined to believe
if we weren’t so down
we’d up and leave
we’d up and fly
if we had wings
for flyin’
can’t you see the tears we’re cryin’
can’t there be
some happiness for me
not in Nottingham
Church Male MouseFriar Tuck, I don’t think anyone is coming
Friar TuckYou’re right Sexton but maybe the sound of this church bell will bring the poor people some comfort. We must do what we can to keep their hopes alive.
Church Female MouseHow can there be any hope with that tyrant taxing the heart out of poor people?
Friar TuckYes, those poor people. Look, our poor box is like our church--- empty.
Church Female MouseFriar Tuck, we’ve saved this. It’s not too much, but please take it for the poor.
Friar TuckYour last farthing? Aw, little sister, no one can give more than that. Bless you both.
Church Male MouseWe were saving it for a rainy day.
Friar TuckWell, it’s raining now. Things can’t get worse.
SheriffHowdy, Friar, well I dropped by just in time
Church Male MouseWhat does that bully want here?
Church Female MouseFather, shh.
Sheriffopening the poor box Hmm… well, what have we got here?
Friar TuckNow just a minute Sheriff! That’s the poor box!
SheriffIt sure is. I’ll just take it for poor Prince John. Every little bit helps.
Church Female MouseOoh! You put that back!
SheriffAnd His Majesty also blesses you little sister.
Friar TuckYou thieving scoundrel!
SheriffNow, take it easy. I’m just doing my duty.
Friar TuckCollecting taxes for that arrogant, greedy, ruthless, no-good Prince John?
SheriffListen Friar, you’re mighty preachy and you’re going to preach your neck right into a hangman’s noose.
Friar TuckGet out of my church! Out! Out! Out!
Church Female MouseOh, dear me.
Friar TuckIf you want taxes… I’ll give you taxes!
Church Male MouseGive it to him, Friar!
SheriffYou’re under arrest for high treason to the Crown
Church Female MouseOh, no.
Church Male MouseOh, there, there, mother.
Allan-A-DaleEvery town
has its ups and downs
sometime ups
outnumber the downs
but not in Nottingham

Prince John announces he will hang Friar Tuck for treason the very next morning. He thinks Robin will go to rescue his friend and then he will be trapped.
Sir HissAhem. Sire, if I may--- may venture an opinion. You’re not your usual cheerful, genial self today. I… I know, I know. You haven’t counted your money for days Hmmm? It all makes you so happy. Ahem. Sire… taxes are pouring in, the jail is full, and, oh, I have good news Sire--- Friar Tuck is in jail.
Prince JohnFriar Tuck! It’s Robin Hood I want, you idiot! I’d give all my gold if I just get my hands--- Did you say Friar Tuck?
Sir HissDid I? Oh, yes I did.
Prince JohnOh! Yes! I have it! I’ll use that fat friar as bait to trap Robin Hood.
Sir HissAnother trap?
Prince JohnYes, yes, you stupid serpent. Friar Tuck will be led to the gallows in the village square.
Sir HissSire, hang Friar Tuck? A man of the church?
Prince JohnYes, my reluctant reptile, and when our elusive hero tries to rescue the corpulent cleric…ha, ha, ha, ha my men will be ready. Ha, ha!

Jail’s castle. Robin hood enters disguised as a blind beggar.
SheriffWell, Trigger everything’s rigged up and all set.
TriggerYeah, it’s one of the prettiest scaffolds you ever built Sheriff.
NutsySheriff, shouldn’t we give that old trap door a test?
SheriffCriminently. Now I know why your mama called you Nusty.
Robin HoodAlms. Alms for the poor. Do me old ears hear the melodious voice of the Sheriff?
SheriffHa, ha. That’s all right, old man.
Robin HoodWhat be going on here?
SheriffWe’re hanging Friar Tuck.
Robin HoodNo! Hang Friar--- Uh, hang Friar Tuck?
NutsyYou betcha. At dawn. And maybe it’ll be a double hanging-
TriggerShhh! Dummy up, you dummy.
Robin HoodA double hanging, eh? Who be the other one to get the rope?
TriggerSheriff, he’s getting too all-fired nosey
Robin HoodI didn’t mean nothing but couldn’t there be trouble if Robin Hood showed up?
NutsyWell, what do you know, sir? Sheriff, he guessed it! Ha, ha.
TriggerNutsy, button your beak.
Robin HoodAh, no need to worry. The Sheriff’ll be too crafty, too clever and too smart for the likes of him, says I.
SheriffHa, ha. You hear that, Nutsy? For being blind, he sure knows a good man when he sees one, ha, says I.
TriggerSheriff, I’ve still got the think that stupid old codger knows too much.
SheriffOh shut up, Trigger. He’s just a harmless blind beggar
Robin HoodAlms. Alms for the poor. Alms, Alms for the poor.
Little JohnRob, we can’t let them hang Friar Tuck
Robin HoodA jail break tonight is the only chance he’s got.
Little JohnA jail break! There ain’t no way you can get---
Robin HoodI have to get Johnny, or Friar Tuck dies at dawn.
Jail’s castle at night. Every place is well guarded by the Sheriff’s people. Among them we find Trigger and Nutsy. When Little John is going to kidnap Nutsy…
NutsyOne o’clock! And all’s well! bell tolls three times
Sheriffsleepy Nutsy, set your brains ahead a couple of hours.
NutsyYes sir. Does that there mean adding or subtracting?
SheriffOh, let’s forget it!
NutsyYes, sir, Sheriff, sir.
SheriffNutsy, how can I sleep with you yelling “all’s well” all the time?
TriggerSheriff, everything ain’t all’s well. I got the feeling in my bones there’s gonna be a jailbreak any minute.
SheriffCriminently, Trigger! Point that peashooter the other way.
TriggerDon’t you worry not, Sheriff. The safety’s on old Betsy.
SheriffWhat are you trying to do, you birdbrain?
TriggerJust doing my duty, Sheriff.
SheriffOh, you and that itchy trigger finger of yours. They hear a noise where Nutsy is doing his patrol
TriggerHey, you hear that?
SheriffSure did I Trigger. There’s something funny going on around here. Come on. You cover me. Wait a minute. Is the safety on old Betsy?
TriggerYou bet it, Sheriff.
SheriffThat’s what I’m afraid of. You go first. All right you in there! Come on with your hands up!
TriggerYeah, reach them up to the sky.
Robin HoodJust you watch this performance partner.
Little JohnBe careful, Rob.
Robin HoodJehoshaphat, Trigger. Put that peashooter down.
SheriffOh, shucks, Trigger. It’s only Nutsy. And criminently! Get back to your patrol. On the double. Get!
TriggerI’m a-getting, I’m a-getting
SheriffThat Trigger. He’s getting everybody edgy. Nothing’s gonna be happen. That friar will dangle from the gallows come daybreak.
Robin HoodSheriff, why don’t you just sit yourself down here kind of cozy-like?
SheriffWell, thank you, Nutsy.
Robin HoodJust close your sleepy little eyeballs. The sandman’s a-coming, why don’t you…let me loosen that belt? Rock-a-bye Sheriff, just you relax
SheriffOh relax…
Robin HoodDi, di, di
SheriffAw, Nutsy, that’s mighty sweet. Sing it one more time.
Robin HoodRock-a-bye Sheriff, just you relax, dum, pump, pump… Do, do, do, do…. he gives the keys to Little John and they close the door with too much noise
TriggerWait a minute! Jail break! Jail break! I heard it, Sheriff! The door! The door!
SheriffNow, for the last time. No more false alarms.
Robin Hoodto Little John Now, you release Friar Tuck and the others. I’ll go visit the royal treasury.

Inside Little John is looking for Friar Tuck’s cell.
Friar TuckOh, Little John! It can’t be.
Little JohnShhh. Quiet.We’re busting out.
Friar TuckThank God! My prayers have been answered.
They both released everybody.
SkippyI’m ready. Where’s the bad guys?
Friar TuckTake it easy, son.
Cautiously Robin enters in Prince John’s chambers where the Prince and Sir Hiss are snoring in their beds. Bags of gold are everywhere and Robin stealthily removes one by one to the balcony. There he fastens them to the clothesline and then little John reels them toward himself at the window of the jail.
Prince JohnRobin hood! I’ll get even. I’ll get… It’s Robin hood I want. Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Friar TuckHa, ha. Praise the Lord and pass the taxes rebates!
Little JohnCome on, follow me.
When Little John and the others are escaping one of the bags is losing coins awaking the Sheriff but Little John acts quickly.
TriggerSheriff, don’t get your dander up, but I still got a feeling…
Little JohnFriar, get going Hurry! The Friar and the villagers clambered onto a two wheeled cart cross the drawbridge just in time. Prince John and Sir Hiss awake just as Robin fled and Sir Hiss tries to recapture the last bag of gold
Prince JohnOh, oh, oh, oh ah… Aah! Aah! Hoo! Guards! Guards! My gold! Oh no, no, no! They’re are getting away with my gold. Guards! Guards, to the jail! Rhinos, halt! Stop! Desist! Aah! Ooh! Aah!
Robin HoodEverybody, this way! That’s all of them. Get going!
Little JohnThis ain’t no hayride, Let’s move! Oh!
Friar TuckOn to Sherwood Forest!
Mother RabbitStop! My baby!
TagalongMama! Mama! Wait for me!
Robin runs for her but the he’s trapped into the castle.
SheriffWe got him now!
Robin HoodGet going and don’t worry about me.
SheriffThis time we got him for sure. he uses a torch as a sword burning the place. Robin tries to escape jumping from the top of the highest tower. The scene is watched by Little John and Skippy
Prince JohnShoot him! Kill him! Kill him! Robin tries to swim but suddenly he disappears from the others’ sight
Little JohnCome on, Rob. Come on.
SkippyHe’s just got to make it. Only Robin’s hat is in the surface
Little JohnNo. No… no.
Prince JohnYes! He’s finished! Done for! La, la, la! Ha, ha, ha!
SkippyHe’s going to make it--- isn’t he, Little John? Hey, what’s that? Don’t go! Look it! Look it! we see a reed going to them
Little JohnHey, what the---- ha, ha, did you have me worried Rob. I thought you were gone.
SkippyAh not Robin Hood. He could’ve swum twice that far, huh, Mr. Robin Hood?
Sir HissLook, Sire! He’s made it! He got away again.
Robin Hood & SkippyA pox on the phony King of England! Oo-da-lolly!
Prince JohnOh no! It’s so miserably unfair.
Sir HissI tried to tell you, but no, no, you wouldn’t listen. Your traps never work and now look at your mother’s castle.
Prince JohnAah! Mommy!
Sir HissAah, No! Sire!
Prince JohnYou cowardly cobra!
Sir HissPlease! Oh! No!
Prince JohnProcrastinating python!
Sir HissNo!
Prince JohnYou aggravating asp!
Sir HissSaved me!
Prince JohnYou eel in snake’s clothing!
Sir HissHelp!
Prince JohnHe’s gone stark raving mad!

Nottingham village in a sunny and happy day. We see an old reward with a new title: Pardoned by order of King Richard
Allan-A-DaleHa, ha, ha. I thought we’d never get rid of those three rascals but lucky for us folks, King Richard returned and well he just straightened everything out. We see Prince John, Sir Hiss and the Sheriff working in the Royal Rock Pile
Prince JohnOooh! Aah! Oooh! Oooh! Ouch! Oooh!
Sir HissHa, ha. Church’s bell’s tolling
Allan-A-DaleSay, we’d better get over the church, it sounds like somebody’s getting hitched.
PeopleLong live Robin Hood! Maid Marian kiss Robin and they both smile happily Long live King Richard!
King RichardOh, Friar Tuck. It appears that I have an outlaw for an in-law. Ha, ha, ha.
Friar TuckHa, ha. Not bad.
TobyGee, Skippy, how come you’re going?
SkippyWell, Robin Hood will have kids so somebody’s got to keep all right things.
Little JohnHo!
Lady KluckAch! I’ve never been so happy.
NutsyHey, here comes the bride, Trigger! Present… arms! again the safety of old Betsy doesn’t work
Allan-A-DaleWell, folks, that’s the way it really happened.

Love goes on and on
Golly what a day
Golly what a day